Checkpoint 6

C*H*E*C*K*P*O*I*N*T 6

22nd July 1971

Checkpoint is a news and reviews zine published by Peter Roberts, The Hawthorns, Keele, Staffs, UK. (87 West Town Lane, Bristol, BS4 5DZ) every fortnight or so. Please note that I shall be in Bristol from 15th August to 1st September and that Checkpoint 7 will be published there. Subs are 4/20p (1st Class), 5/20p (2nd Class & Europe), and 6/$1 (foreign airmail). US Agent is (though I haven't heard from him) Arnie Katz, 59Livingston St, Apt 6B, Brooklyn, NY.11201. Australian Agent is David Grigg, 1556 Main Pd, Research, Victoria 3095. Checkpoint 6 is duplicated by Darroll & Rosemary Pardoe, to whom thanks. Restormel Press Publication.: 45.

THE KRAKEN WAKES! Ron Bennett has just published Skyrack 96, neatly scooping me on several items. What monster have I disturbed to harry the good ship Checkpoint? Ron reports the death of August Derleth and the unconfirmed death of John W.Campbell, amongst other things; no further news except that the dates are the 4th and 11th of July respectively.

TAFF RESULTS: Mario Bosnyak is easily the winner, receiving 138 votes out of 335 votes cast. Total European votes amounted to 181, an amazingly high number, especially since it beats the US total of 154 (which I presume also includes votes from Australia, South Africa, and so on).

Mario Bosnyak 32 (US) + 106 (Eu) = 138 Terry Jeeves 44 + 22 = 66
Per Insulander 27 (US) + 20 (Eu) = 47 Peter Weston 51 + 33 = 84

European vote breakdown (from Skyrack) is: UK (48), Germany (52), Sweden (19), Italy (46), Austria (11), Holland (2), Belgium (2) and Turkey (1). Methinks I see the spectre of block-voting there, but I suppose it can't be helped.

It looks like poor old 'Hold Over Funds' didn't get anything...

TAFF cash is said to stand at over $1,200. Not at all bad, eh?

WHO'S WHO IN FANDOM: Terry Jeeves, 230 Bannerdale Pd, Sheffield, S11 9FE is compiling a fan directory and would like the following information: full name, address, age, phone no., occupation, hobbies, fan activities, interests, etc. "Miss out any item you don't want published," says Terry. Send him your slips of paper, people.

YOUR CHANCE OF (FRENCH) FAME: Philippe Hupp, 34 rue Bossuet, 57 Metz, France intends to write a long article on fanzines for a French prozine, either Galaxie or Horizons du Fantastiques,and needs US., British, Canadian, and Australian fanzines. I don't know whether this is to be a regular feature or a single piece, but interested faneds should send their wares to Philippe.

OVERSEAS SUBSCRIBERS: I'm assured by the denizens of Newcastle's GPO that the 15p minimum rate does not apply to articles of printed matter, so rates have only gone up from 3p to 4p (Australia: 3 1/2 p to 5p). As a result the new airmail sub will be 6/$1 and not 5/$1 as feared last time. Ok?

FANZINES RECEIVED: The following fanzines have been received since last issue. All are normally available for letters, trades, or contributions as well as money. An asterisk indicates that the fanzine is recommended.

*Scythrop 22 (duplicated:47pp. 1/4 o). John Bangsund, Parergon Books, GPO Box 4946, Melbourne 3001, Australia. 6/$A.2.40. UK Agent: Ethel Lindsay, Courage House, 6 Langley Av, Surbiton, Surrey. 6/90p. General – Le Guin.

4M 3 (printed:20p.A4). Trevor Jones, 7 Weller Place, High Elms Rd, Downe, Orpington, Kent, BR6 7JW. 5/35p (5/$1.20). Sf & fiction.

Erg 35 (duplicated:19pp. 1/4 o), Terry Jeeves, 230 Bannerdale Pd, Sheffield, S11 9FE. 8p, 4/30p. General & personal - Alan Burns, etc.

Gegenschein I (duplicated:26pp. 1/4 o). A.25¢. Eric Lindsay, 6 Hillcrest Av, Faulconbridge, NSW 2776, Australia. Sf.

*Energumen 8 (duplicated:54pp.A4). Mike & Susan Glicksohn, 32 Maynard Av, Apt 205, Toronto 150 Ontario, Canada. General – Katz, Koontz, etc.

Entropion 3 duplicated:32pp. 1/4 o). Nick Shears, 52 Garden Way, Northcliff Ext.4 Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa. 30¢, 15p. General.

*Science Fiction Times 120/1 (printed:92pp.A4). Hans-Joachim Alpers, 2850 Bremerhaven 1, Weissenburger Strasse 6, Germany 1.50DM. In German.

*Cynic 3 (duplicated:27pp.A4). Gray Boak, 3 Rydelands, Nuthurst, Cranleigh, Surrey. Free. General – Fortey, Jhim Linwood, etc.

Hell 1 (duplicated:36pp. 1/4 o), Brian Robinson & Paul Skelton, 9 Linwood Grove, Manchester M12 4QH. Free. Sf & General – (VoT checklist).

Midgard 6 (duplicated:10pp.fscp). Hartley Patterson, Finches, 7 Cambridge Rd, Beaconsfield, Bucks. Free. Fantasy wargaming. (also War Bulletin 15)

*Locus 86,87 (duplicated.8&2lpp.A4), Charlie & Dena Brown, 2078 Anthony Av, Bronx, NY.10457. 12/$3. UK Agent: Malcolm Edwards 28 Kinch Grove, Wembley, Middx HA9 9TF. 10/£1.50, Sf news & reviews – Barr, etc.

Skyrack 96 (duplicated:4pp. 1/4 o). Ron Bennett, 52 Fairways Dr, Forest Lane, Harrogate, Yorks. Free. News & fnz sales.

Badmouth (printed:22pp.A4). Lynn Hickman, 413 Ottokee St, Wauseon, Ohio 43567, USA. Free. General – Liz Fishman, Lisa Tuttle, etc.

OSFiComm 2/1 (printed:2pp.A4). Peter Gill, 18 Glen Manor Dr, Toronto 13, Ontario, Canada. Free. OSFIC newsletter.

FANZINE CHECKLIST: The British fanzine checklist in Checkpoint 5 can be updated with the above listing plus the one in 5. Hartley Patterson reports that Midgard/War Bulletin is freely available for trade and mentions another comic zine, Unicorn (Mike Higgs) in its 3rd issue. Keith Walker reports another horror zine, Masque now in its 4th issue, and says that Psywar 3 appeared in both quarto and A4 editions!

FANZINE COLLECTORS: Ian Maule is looking for Zenith/Speculation 1-23, Badinage 2 & 3, and any issues of Garbistan (Platt). Ian's address is: 59 Windsor Tce, South Gosforth, Newcastle on Tyne, NE3 1YL. John Piggott (17 Monmouth Rd, Oxford, OX1 4TD) is selling the following: Vector 35 & 54 (5p e), Luna 2, 7, 10, 12, 13, & 14 (2 1/2 p e), SF Commentary 4, 5, & 9, Stardock 3, Shadow II, Starling 14, Somerset Gaz. 3, Beabohema 6 & 10. (all at 10p e). John is also looking for copies of Psychotic/SFR before issue 37 and will pay almost any price. Note that Ron Bennett has two pages of fanzines for sale in Skyrack 96.

NEW BIRMINGHAM GROUP: The first issue of their Newsletter records an attendance of thirty at their inaugural meeting on June 25th in the George Room of the Imperial Hotel. Pete Weston's programme for the group looks impressive, with Mike Moorcock, Ken Bulmer, Brian Aldiss, Jack Cohen, and Philip Strick promising to give talks or lectures in the future; there's also a possibility of a regular mini-bus trip to the London Globe meetings. Membership of the group is 50p pa (plus entrance charge of 10p, non-members 15p). Contact Vernon Brown, 65 Forest Rd, Quinton, Birmingham 32 if you're interested. Meetings are on the third Friday of every month, by the way.

EUROCON 1: The First Europa Report has appeared and contains articles & information in three languages (Italian, French, & English). The con is to be held in Trieste, 12-16th July 1972, and supporting membership is $4 (attending: $7) from Eurocon I, CCSF, Casella Postale 423, 30100 Venezia, Italy. Current membership is 118 from 19 different countries. Any fan is eligible to vote for the Europa SF Awards and British voters should send their nominations to Jean Muggoch, 99 Ealing Village, London W.5, before the 31st of December 1971. Categories include: Best SF Novel (over 35,000 words, published 67-71); Best Short Story (pub. 70-71, under 35,000); Dramatic Presentation (70-71); Artist (Pro or Amateur, 70-71); Pro Mag (at least 4 issues, 3 in 70-71); Fanzine (do); Non-Specialized Magazine (any SF issue, 70-71); Essay (67-71); and SF Comic (70-71). Further details from Jean.

SECONDARY UNIVERSE 4: I've received a report on this sercon gathering to take place in Toronto, 9-11th October, 1971. Registration is $3 from SECON 4, 566 Palmerston Av, Toronto 174, Ontario, Canada, Participating are: Fred Pohl, J. G. Ballard, Judith Merril, etc.

LA WORLDCON 1972: Remember that supporting membership rates rise to £2.50 after Aug. 1st. So send your £2 to me, your greedy friendly British Agent before that deadline...

BOOK NEWS FOR SF FREAKS: A column by Gerbish, supposedly listing some of the sf books due out this month & next month. Please note that publishers being what they are, these lists cannot be entirely complete or accurate and appearance here does not guarantee that a book will actually appear.

July Books: Hardbacks. Robert Hale: Destination-Terra (K.Hassler), The Alien Earth (Michael Elder), The Year of the Quiet Sun (Wilson Tucker) & The Galactic Colonizers (Norman Jensen). Gollancz: Galactic Pot Healer (Phil Dick), & The Shores of Another Sea (Chad Oliver). Hutchinson: The Nature of the Catastrophe (ed. Moorcock & Jones). Sidgwick & Jackson: Pollution! (anth. 400+ pages, including City, etc), Double, Double (John Brunner), & SF Special5. Macdonald. Science Against Man (ed. Cheetham).

Paperbacks. Arrow: The Ship That Sailed The Time Stream (G. Edmondson), & Rituals of Infinity (Mike Moorcock). NEL: Masters of the Pit (last of the Michael Kane reprints by Mike Moorcock), & The Captives (Mike Fisher). Corgi: New Writings in SF 19 (ed. Carnell), & The Andromeda Strain (Crichton). Mayflower: The Time Dweller (Mike Moorcock). Panther. The Coming Self-Destruction of the USA (Alan Seymour), Orbit 3 (ed. Knight), The Naked Sun (Asimov). Sphere: Hothouse (Aldiss), & Project Dracula (Alan Scott). Tandem: Hauser's Memory (Curt Siodmak). Pan (Ballantine): The Wooden Star (William Tenn).

August Books: Hardbacks. Gollancz: The Candy Man (Vincent King), & The Sun Grows Cold (Howard Berk). Secker & Warburg: Ends (J. Hughes). Hale: Out of the Void (Leslie Stone), The Mask of Jon Culton (Edward Ludwig), & The Touch (Daniel Keyes).

Paperbacks. NEL: Have Space Suit – Will Travel (Heinlein). Tandem: Light A Last Candle (Vincent King), Thongor Fights the Pirates of Tarakus & Thongor At the End of Time (Lin Carter). Panther: The End of Eternity (Asimov). Mayflower: Warriors & Warlocks (ed. Douglas Hill). Pan (Ballantine): The Wood Beyond The World (William Morris).

Gerald Bishop: 1971.

PAPERBACKS RECEIVED: I trust I shall have time to consider books more fully in the next month or so, meanwhile I commend to your attention William Tenn's The Wooden Star (Pan/Ballantine), one of six new books, at 30p (75¢) eleven short stories, including 'Null-P' and 'Eastward Ho!' and bears a fine cover. I'd consider Tenn to be one of the better authors of the old sf establishment. Also received from Pan is Vortex, a collection of Russian stories which I'm told are surprisingly readable and not the hard-core science stuff you might expect. Another fine cover, sadly uncredited. Both books should be in the shops by now.

GERMAN NEWS: (From Gerd Hallenberger). An English edition of Andromeda-Nachrichten, the SFCD's newszine, is planned. Editors will be Dieter Steinseifer, Helmut Pesch, & Gerd Hallenberger and material will be taken from all three current German newszines. =/= Marburg is bidding for the 72 SFCD Con. =/= Some FOLLOW members are planning 'Who's Who in Sorcery', containing information on ghosts, witches, sorcerers, dwarfs, giants, demons, etc. =/= Gerd will probably be over in Britain this August, by the way, visiting London and Bristol.

ODDMENTS: Dr. Lionel Funt, member of the SFU SF Soc (Canada), has won a Nuffield Foundation Fellowship and will be studying for a year at Oxford University. =/= The Space Age Bookshop (Melbourne) opened with a fannish party on Wed, July 7th. Ron Graham & Merv Binn are proprietors. =/= Charles Platt has written an article on fandom and is looking for a publisher (Locus).

COAs: Jerry Kaufman, 417 W 118th St, Apt 63, New York, NY.10027 USA
Mike & Susan Glicksohn, 32 Maynard Av, Apt 205, Ontario, Canada.


Peter Roberts,
The Hawthorns,
Keele, Staffs,
Great Britain.

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