Checkpoint 5

C*H*E*C*K*P*O*I*N*T 5

26th June 1971

Checkpoint is a news and reviews zine published by Peter Roberts, The Hawthorns, Keele, Staffs, UK. every fortnight or so. It can be yours for news or money: subs are 4/20p (1st Class), 5/20p (2nd Class), and probably 5/$1 (foreign airmail). US Agent is Arnie Katz, 59 Livingston St, Apt 6B, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Australian Agent is David Grigg, 1556 Main Rd, Research, Victoria 3095. Checkpoint 5 is duplicated by Darroll & Rosemary Pardoe, to whom thanks. Restormel Press Publication: 43.

NOW YOU SEE IT, NOW YOU DON'T: Peter Colley writes to say that the Slancon (Easter 72) has been moved yet again from Harrogate (in Yorks) to Chester (Cheshire). Slancon, you remember, stands for the South Lancashire con... Peter says: "Anybody wanting to attend the con should get a map containing Lancs., Ches., & Yorks., get a pin, close their eyes, and try their luck at the new game FIND-A-CON, guaranteed to spread the con-attendees over the widest possible area." Peter adds that Tony Edwards is now in charge, since Bill Burns is off to get married in America. Personally I consider Chester a fine town, especially since it's one of only three places that I can reach directly (by bus) from Keele... Should attract more Southern con-goers as well.

DOWN UNDER FAN FUND: Robin Johnson announces that DUFF is not restricted to an Australian/American axis, but that European fans may be nominated as well (although they'll be in competition with the Stateside fans). The fund will operate in a similar way to TAFF and the Australia in 75 committee has pledged $500 to start the fund off. Nominations for fans to attend the 11th Australian Convention in 1972 will probably close in October with final voting up to May 1972 (as with TAFF, candidates must find nominators and sign attendance pledges). A fine idea by the Australians, I'd say, and well worth supporting.

MAD SF GROUP: This now seems to be the preferred title for 'Oozlot', the new Manchester And District sf group recently started by Peter Presford, Peter Colley, and Lisa Conesa. Their first meeting will be at the Albert Inn, William St, off School Lane, Didsbury, Manchester between 8pm and 10.30pm on July 7th. Peter Colley will be editor of Satellite, their monthly newszine, and fees for membership should be about 40p or so.

AUSTRALIA IN 75! Mervyn Barrett and I are now British Agents for the World Convention bid from Melbourne. Latest news is that Leigh Edmonds has been elected Chairman of the A75 Committee and David Grigg has also joined, making a massive band of eighteen (eight in Melbourne and others in four State capitals). Note that the first issue of the Australia in 75 Bulletin is now available (address etc on page 2).

LOS ANGELES IN 72! Remember that would-be British members can join through me at a doubly-reduced rate of £2 (attending £2.75), but only until August 1st. Thereafter the rate goes to £2.50 (£3.25 attending). Membership entitles you to Hugo nomination & voting, four finely printed & illustrated Progress Reports, the conbook, and a Final Report. Don't regret it next year, people... Join now!

FANZINES RECEIVED: The following fanzines have been received since last issue. All are normally available for letters, contributions, or trades as well as money. An asterisk indicates that the fanzine is recommended.

Moebius Trip 8 (duplicated:49pp.A4). Ed Connor, 1805 N.Gale, Peoria, Ill.61604, USA. 35¢ (3/$1). Sf & general – Mary Legg, Gary Mason, etc.

Son of the WSFA Journal 18,19,20,21 (duplicated:10ppe.A4). Don Miller, 12315 Judson Rd, Wheaton, Md.20906, USA. 20¢ (30p, 8/£2). New reviews.

Mathom 1 (spirit duplicated:2pp.fscp). Grahame Lamb, 171 Plumstead Rd E, Thorpe St.Andrew, Norwich, Norfolk, NOR 93S. Free. Tolkien news.

The Middle Earthworm 14 (duplicated:12pp. ¼o). Archie Mercer, 21 Trenethick Parc, Helston, Kernow. Free, Tolkien news and letters.

Gamma 5 (spirit duplicated:7pp. ¼o). Phil Spencer, 65 Southdown Rd, Portslade, Brighton, BN4 2HL. Free. Tolkien & fantasy.

Psywar 3 (duplicated:10pp. ¼o). Keith Walker, Psychiatric Training School, General Hospital, Burnley, Lancs. 10p. Occult - Bertin, Curran, etc.

*Sandworm 12 (duplicated:22pp.A4). Bob Vardeman, P0 Box 11352, Albuquerque, NM.87112, USA. 50¢, General, Arrakis, & letters.

*MRU 119 (spirit duplicated:36pp.A4). In German. Waldemar Kumming, 8 München 2, Herzogspitalstr.5, Germany. DM 1. Sf & fannish – Brunner,etc.

Black Knight 2 (spirit duplicated:29pp. ¼o). Phil Spencer, address above. 10p. Rock & popular music – John Hall, Pardoes, etc.

Midgard 4 (duplicated:6pp.fscp). Hartley Patterson, Finches, 7 Cambridge Rd, Beaconsfield, Bucks, Free. Fantasy wargaming. (No 5 also included).

*Cipher 1 (duplicated:8pp.A4). Chris Couch, 203 A Carmen Hall, 595 W.114th St, New York, NY 10027, USA, 25¢. Fannish & general.

Norstrilian News 29 (duplicated:4pp. ¼o). Bruce Gillespie, GPO Box 5195AA, Melbourne, Victoria 3001, Australia. 20/$1A.20. UK Agent: Mervyn Barrett 178 Walm Lane, London NW 2. 3p. Sf news & reprints - Burnett Swann.

*Australia in 75 Bulletin 1 (duplicated:9pp. ½¼o). Leigh Edmonds, 2/28 Ardmillan Rd, Moonee Ponds, Victoria 3039, Australia. 12/$2A. A75 news.

*Starling 18 (duplicated:34pp.A4). Hank & Lesleigh Luttrell, 1108 Locust St, Columbia, Missouri 65201, USA. 35¢, (3/$1). Sf & general – Coulson, &c.

*Focal Point 30 (duplicated:l4pp.A4). Arnie Katz, 59 Livingston St, Apt 6B, Brooklyn, NY.11201, USA. 6/$1. UK Agent: me. Fannish – Carr, Warner.

Fanews 11 (spirit duplicated:6pp.A4). In German. Gerd Hallenberger, 355 Marburg (Lahn), Alter Kirchainer Weg 52, Germany. 10/DM 1.50. News.

*Locus 85 (duplicated:8pp.A4). Charlie & Dena Brown, 2078 Anthony Av, Bronx, NY.10457, USA. 12/$3. UK Agent: Malcolm Edwards, 28 Kinch Grove, Wembley, Middx, HA9 9TF. 10/£1.50. Sf news.

BRITISH FANZINE CHECKLIST: I've had several recent requests for a new checklist and the one opposite is the result. Since producing it there have already been some changes and new issues; however, the checklist can be brought up to date with the above listing. The only corrections I've noted are: Speculation 28 (not 26) and 0racle 23 (though 19 is the last I've seen). Room prevented a listing of proposed fanzines, I'm afraid.

FANZINE COLLECTORS: Ian Maule, Ed Connor, & Keith Walker have sent various amounts for the OMPAzines; these will be sent off July/August when I return to Bristol. Ian also has the Pegasi. Greg Pickersgill is looking for fanzines in return for pbs or cash (address opp).


The following checklist is the third attempt at compiling a guide to science fiction and fantasy fanzines currently being produced in the United Kingdom. An initial listing appeared in Egg 3 and a revised edition was later printed by Phil Spencer for the BSFA's Fanzine Distribution Service. This third checklist differs from the previous two in listing proposed and currently inactive fanzines plus those noted only by hearsay. These have all been placed after the main listing.

My definition of 'fanzine' is nebulous and uncertain, but I have included all the magazines that engage in the fannish practice of trading, thus embracing some fringe publications and perhaps excluding the more professional money – only fan magazines.

Apazines which are restricted to their group's membership are not included in the full list, but are mentioned afterwards. Virtually all the British apazines go through OMPA, The Off-Trail Magazine Publishers' Assoc. Genapazines are, however, listed in full.

The checklist contains the title of the fanzine, the number of its last issue, the name and address of the editor, the subscription rate, and a brief descriptive note. All fanzines are normally available for trade, contribution, or letter of comment, as well as simple money.

Corrections and further information are welcome (specifically circulation figures, preferably divided into 'home' and 'abroad').

Armageddon 2. Ian Penman, 30 Weldon Av, Grangetown, Sunderland, Co.Durham, SR2 9AB. l5p (3/37½p) Comics & fantasy.

Black Knight 1. Phil Spencer, 65 Southdown Rd, Portslade, Brighton, BN4 2HL Free. Book fanzine.

Checkpoint 5. Peter Roberts, The Hawthorns, Keele, Staffs. 5/20p. News and fanzine reviews.

Crabapple 10, Mary Legg, 71 The Fairway, Banbury, Oxon. 5p. Fannish and general.

Crucified Toad 1. John Muir, 50 Holker St, Manchester, Ml3 ODE. 20p. Fantasy and general.

Cynic 2. Gray Boak, 3 Rydelands, Nuthurst, Cranleigh, Surrey. Free. Fannish and general.

Cypher 4. James Goddard, 1 Sharvells Rd, Milford on Sea, Lymington, Hants. SO4 OPE. 13p (5/50p). Science Fiction.

Egg 4. Peter Roberts, 87 West Town Lane, Bristol, BS4 5DZ. 15p (4/50p). Fannish and general.

Erg 35. Terry Jeeves, 230 Bannerdale Rd, Sheffield, S11 9FE. 4/30p. General.

FHTV 3. John Coombe, Luney Barton Farm, Sticker, St.Austell, Kernow. Free. Sf & farming.

4M 2. Trevor Jones, 7 Weller Place, High Elms Rd, Downs, Orpington, Kent, BR6 7JW. 8p (5/35p). Sf & fiction.

Fouler 6. Greg Pickersgill, The Pines, Haylett Lane, Merlins Bridge, Haverfordwest, Pembs, Cymru. 10p (6/50p). Fannish & general.

Free Orbit 2. Audrey Walton, 25 Yewdale Cresc, Coventry, Warks, CV2 2FF, 10p. Fiction.

Haverings 49. Ethel Lindsay, Courage House, 6 Langley Av, Surbiton, Surrey. 6/40p. Comments on fanzines.

Interplanetary News Mike Parry, 149 Stewart Rd, Leyton, London, E15 2BD. 10p. Astronautics & UFOs.

Les Spinge 23. Darroll Pardoe, 15 Selkirk Ct, Whitley Rd, London N17 6RF Free. Fannish & general.

The Ley Hunter 19. Paul Screeton, 5 Egton Dr, Seaton Carew, Hartlepool Co.Durham. 10p. Zodiacs, leys, orthotenies, etc.

Maya 2. Ian Williams, 6 Greta Terrace, Chester Rd, Sunderland, SR4 7RD. Co.Durham. 10p, Sf & general.

The Middle Earthworm 13. Archie Mercer, 21 Trenethick Parc, Helston, Kernow, Free. Tolkien & chatter.

Moon Leopard 1. Ann Girling, 54 Corbett Rd, Hollywood, Birmingham. Free. General.

Oracle 19, Ian Penman, 30 Weldon Av, Grangetown, Sunderland, Co.Durham. 7p. Comics.

Psywar 2. Keith Walker, Psychiatric Training School, Burnley General Hosp, Lancs. 10p. Fantasy & occult.

Quicksilver 2. Malcolm Edwards, 28 Kinch Grove, Wembley, Middx, HA9 9TF. 6/50p. Science Fiction.

Qwertyuiop 4. Sam Long, Box 401, RAF Croughton, Nr.Brackley, Northants. 10p. Fannish & general.

Scottishe 59. Ethel Lindsay, Courage House, 6 Langley Av, Surbiton, Surrey. 15p. Sf & general.

Seminar 2, Trevor Goring, 18 Corbett St, Smethwick, Warley, Worcs. 17½p. Fantasy & comics.

Speculation 26. Peter Weston, 31 Pinewall Av, Kings Norton, Birmingham 30. 15p. Science Fiction.

Wadezine 7. Audrey Walton, 25 Yewdale Cres, Coventry, Warks, CV2 2FF. Free. General.

Limited Circulation Fanzines: Vector (BSFA) , BSFA Bulletin (BSFA), BWFS Bulletin (BWFS), Mallorn (Tolkien group), BASRA Journal (Amateur Science Group), Meteor (Slancon members), Pablo (Darroll Pardoe, OMPA), Whatsit (Ken Cheslin, OMPA), Osteen U.Review (Sam Long, OMPA), Seagull (Rosemary Pardoe, OMPA), Moth (David Piper, OMPA), Stylus (Keith Walker, OMPA), Black Angel (Phil Spencer, OMPA), Binary (Patrizio, OMPA), Vagary (Roberta Gray, OMPA), 'Ot on the Trails (Gerald Bishop, OMPA), Tykky-dew (Peter Roberts, OMPA), Off-Trails (OMPA), 30% Bran (Peter Roberts, ANZAPA), Bletherings (Ethel Lindsay, FAPA), Express Toad (Peter Roberts, APA – 45), War Bulletin, Albion, Midgard (Games zines). Note that Cynic, Erg, Les Spinge, and FHTV also go through OMPA and Egg goes through OMPA and APA-45.

In Hibernation: Mor-farch (Peter Roberts), Nemesis (Rod Gilbert), SoNF (Howard Rosenblum), The Scarr (George Charters), Zine (John Hall), and Relativity (Bryn Fortey).

Reported, but Unseen: Sting, Balthus, Shadow, Sub-Plot, Ultima Thule, Comet, Utopia, An Adzine, & Hot-Damn – nearly all comic or horror fanzines, I believe.

Peter Roberts.

TAFF NEWS: American voting forms give the deadline as July 10th, so if this Checkpoint comes out in time European subscribers will receive another copy of the ballot. Eddie Jones has had 98 European votes so far: an all-time record for any British/European TAFF race. TAFF Platforms are printed below.

Mario Bosnyak: Mario, who was born in Italy in 1929 and has lived in Germany for 16 years, is a new factor in TAFF. Usually very well known fans are proposed. Mario is well known to those who were interested in Heicon – he was the secretary and the man mainly responsible for the successful running of the convention. He's never published a fanzine & has written few letters to them. Though he started reading sf in 1939, he never heard of fandom or sf clubs until 1967, but has been working hard since. His ideal is to promote international fandom and contacts between fans from all over the world, He speaks 5 languages and is uniquely qualified to do this. He is at present involved in planning the first Eurocon which will take place in 1972. He is charming and very easy to talk to as those of us who met him at St.Louiscon or Heicon can enthusiastically testify! If he wins, Mario would be a fine ambassador for most of European fandom. Why not vote for him? (Nominators: John Brunner, Walter Ernsting, Fred Patten, Tom Schlück, and Don Wollheim).

Per Insulander: Internationalism is the key word these days, and in the light of this we think Per Insulander is a perfect choice. He's well known both in Sweden and abroad, and he's also one of the fans responsible for the growing Swedish interest in foreign fandoms. Per has been active in Swedish fandom for a long time by now and among his credentials can be mentioned: editor of SF Forum, Forum International, Mentat, Asgard, and the Swedish Fanac, secretary of the Stockholm in 76 bidding committee, chairman of the next Scandinavian convention. He's also a regular congoer and a popular party-conversationalist. Why always pick an Englishman (or a German)? Try something brand new! Try a Swede! (Juanita Coulson, Hans – Werner Heinrichs, John-Henri Holmberg, Manfred Kage, Lesleigh Luttrell).

Terry Jeeves: There just couldn't be a better or more deserving person than Terry Jeeves for TAFF. Terry is one of Britain's finest fans and is also active from Argentina to Australia, cartooning and writing his way through a host of fanzines. Terry is a member of First Fandom and started in 1938 by subbing to Walt Gillings' Scientifiction. Since then he has attended most of Britain's Eastercons and has been active in the ESFA (former chairman), N3F, and the ISFCC (vice president). Evidence of his wide fannish range is easy to come by: publisher of the fine fanzine Triode, and his current OMPAzine Erg, former editor of Vector, bibliographer of Astounding, illustrator and cartoonist, and holder of a clutch of con art awards, article writer and author, and winner of the N3 short story competition. Just think of the Jeeves' TAFF report – he's an excellent fan writer, cartoonist, and cine-photographer! As one American fan says: "I quite honestly would enjoy meeting one and all of the British fans...but if we must be restricted to one, let it be Terry Jeeves!" (Bill Bowers, Lynn Hickman, Ethel Lindsay, Darroll & Rosemary Pardoe, Peter Roberts).

Pete Weston: Pete is the outstanding British fan of the past five years. He began his fannish career as a member of the Birmingham group, has gone on to co-found the Univ.of Aston group, organized the Speculation conferences, and ran Eastercon 22, the largest UK con ever held. But Pete is not just a club fan! His journal of SF criticism, Speculation, is one of the international mainstays of contemporary fandom. Pete is a thoughtful writer, a zesty social figure, and an all round good fellow. His wife Eileen will accompany him to Boston should he win – and he should win: he's the natural choice. (Greg Benford, Charlie Brown, Ken Bulmer, Waldemar Kumming, Chris Priest).

AEGEAN CRUISE: Mario Bosnyak is planning a convention on board ship for September 1973. The Argocon will last ten days and the cruise will start in Trieste (taking in Corfu, Crete, Dubrovnik, &c). If the con gets off the ground, a lottery will be held next year for all paid members: 1st prize, a free cruise; 2nd, ½ price cruise; 3rd, an Eddie Jones painting. The cruise itself should cost between 800 and 1000 DM (about £100). (Fanews)

NOVACON: The first progress report is now out with 55 members listed (though I believe this is already outdated). Hotel rates at The Imperial Birmingham are £2.75 b&b (plus 10%) single (£4.50 double). 50p to join from Vernon Brown, Room 623, Pharmacy Dept, Univ.of Aston, Birmingham. (Nov. 13/14th).

NEW WORLDS: The Arts Council have discontinued their grants to both New Worlds (about £1500) and Ambit (£400). The latter will almost certainly fold as a result. Hurrah for jolly Conservatives...

VANCOUVER IN 75? is neatly pencilled on a couple of recent Canadian envelopes, and my simple comment is *No*.

BRITISH FANZINE AWARDS: Phil Muldowney is preparing a flyer on the subject. Meanwhile Greg Pickersgill suggests the following categories: Best Fanzine, Best Layout & Overall Appearance, Best Artist, Best Writer (Sercon), Best Writer (Fannish), Best Individual Article (Sercon), ditto (Fannish), Best Fanzine Reviewer, & Best Fiction. Greg also advocates the same series for 'Worst etc': "Maybe pretty evil & demeaning, but what's the point of getting so damn serious about what is in the last analysis just a game?"

OVERSEAS SUBSCRIBERS: Airmail rates go up on July 1st. I shall honour existing subs, but I'm afraid prices thereafter will rise, especially since I see mention of a 15p minimum rate! This will probably mean remailing from overseas agents...

Code: 'N' – news, 'XXX' – last issue, 'T' – trade, 'A' – aardvogel 'S' – sample, any number – your last paid issue.


Peter Roberts,
The Hawthorns,
Keele, Staffs,
Great Britain.
Return Requested if Undelivered

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