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Checkpoint 7 is a news and reviews zine published by Peter Roberts, 87 West Town Lane, Bristol, B64 5DZ, UK (until Sep 5th) every fortnight or so – more 'or so' recently, I'm afraid. Subs are available at 4/20p (1st Class), 5/20p (2nd class & Europe), and 6/$1 (foreign airmail). Still no word from Arnie Katz, so North American subs and renewals should be sent straight to me, please – cash only. Australian Agent: David Grigg, 1556 Main Rd, Research, Victoria 3095. Cartoon by Harry Bell. News from Harry Nadler, Ron Bennett, Ethel Lindsay, Gerd Hallenberger, Daniel Say, Malcolm Edwards, Gerald Bishop, Phil Spencer, Bryn Fortey, Mary Reed, and Jim Goddard – plus several publications noted in the text. Many thanks to all...

Restormel Press Publication: 46. 18th August 1971.

CHECKMATE! Harry Nadler says that next Easter's convention, formerly known as SLancon, will be held in the Blossoms Hotel, Chester, under the title ChessManCon. Chairman Tony Edwards (4 Admel Sq, Hulme, Manchester 15) will take registrations (50p) whilst Bill Burns is in America. A Progress Report on the con should be out within a week. Harry also asks me to correct a mistake in Skyrack! – Tony Edwards is Chairman, whilst Harry is in charge of Vice...

NEW BRUM BOOKSHOP: Rog Peyton has formed the Andromeda Book Co. and has opened a shop at 38 Reddall Hill Rd, Old Hill, Warley, Worcs. which will be open on Saturdays only from August 7th. Rog's postal trading will continue under the new name and the old address (131 Gillhurst Rd, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 8PG). His tenth catalogue is now available.

FANNISH TV: Harry Nadler again: "Granada tv grabbed me the other week (July 27th to be precise) and did a live interview for their Newsday programme. I talked about the formation of L'Incroyable Cinema and its present circulation of 2000, all to a background of King Kong battling his prehistoric playmates. The interviewer was Mike Scott who treated the interview in a serious manner and seemed quite taken aback that a magazine devoted to films of fantasy and imagination could develop from Salford of all places!"

Last Sunday (15th) Mike Moorcock appeared on One Man's Week having featured in the week of Jack Trevor Story, apparently. Mike announced the birth of a son, Max, for which congratulations...

For the benefit of those abroad and those without, sf on tv is now most ably represented by The Guardians (ITV, Sat) This is a thirteen part serial, each episode of which can be taken separately, set in a future Britain modelled on contemporary Greece: the government has failed, the 'General' has seized power, the royal family has fled, and law and order is enforced by the semi-military Gs, or 'Guardians of the Realm'. Doubtless critiques will shortly appear in various British fanzines.

FANZINES RECEIVED: Not so many recently, especially when you recall all those titles promised in July. Ah well, the following fanzines have been received since last issue. All are normally available for letters, trades, or contributions as well as money. An exclamation mark indicates that the fanzine is recommended.

Cypher 5 (duplicated:52pp.A4). James Goddard & Mike Sandow, 1 Sharvells Rd, Milford-on-Sea, Lymington, Hants, SO4 0PE. 5/50p. US Agent: Cy Chauvin. 5/$1.50. Sf – Greg Benford, Terry Jeeves, Leon Taylor, etc.

Zimri 1. (duplicated:46pp.A4). Phil Muldowney & Lisa Conesa, 54 Manley Rd, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 6HP. 10p. General – Beryl Mercer, etc.

Mickey 8 (duplicated:23pp.A4). John Kusske, Route 2, Hastings, Minn.55033, USA. 25¢. Personal & general.

!Tomorrow And... 6 (printed:28pp.A4). Jerry Lapidus, 54 Clearview Dr, Pittsford, NY.14534, USA. Sf & general – Andy Offutt, etc. 5/$2.

Crossroads 11 (duplicated: 31pp.A4). Al Snider, Box 2319, Brown Station, Providence, Rhode Island 02912, USA. 3/$1. Sf& general – Offutt, Ed Cox.

!The WSFA Journal 76 (duplicated:136pp.A4). Don Miller, 12315 Judson Rd, Wheaton, MD 20906, USA. 4/$1.75 (this issue $1.25). UK Agent Peter Singleton, 6044, Broadmoor Hosp, Block 4, Crowthorne, Berks, RG11 7EG. Sf,etc.

!Locus 90 (duplicated: 10pp.A4). Charlie & Dena Brown, 2078 Anthony Av, Bronx, NY.10457, USA. 12/$3. UK Agent: Malcolm Edwards, 28 Kinch Grove, Wembley, Middx HA9 9TF. 1/£1.50. Sf news – (J.W.C. memorial issue – Pohl, Simak, &c). (Sorry – don't know where 88 & 89 got to!)

!The Mentor 19 (duplicated:67pp. 1/4 o). Ron Clarke, 78 Redgrave Rd, Normanhurst, NSW.2076, Australia 3/$1. UK Agent me. 7/£1. Sf & fiction – Wodhams, &c.

Norstrilian News 30 (duplicated 3pp. 1/4 o) Bruce Gillespie, GPO Box 5195AA, Melbourne, Victoria 3001, Australia, 20/$1.20. Aussie news.

Wombat 1 (duplicated:12pp. 1/4 o). Ron Clarke – address above. Free. General.

Cynic 3 1/2 (duplicated:2pp.A4). Gray Boak – see CoAs. Oddments.

Fanews 12 & 13 (spirit duplicated: 6ppe.A4). Uwe Sitzenstock, 3321 Salzgitter, Ohlendorf, Gartenweg 2, Germany. 10/1.50 DM. German news (In German).

!SF Commentary 20 (duplicated:A4). Bruce Gillespie – address above. 9/$3. UK Agent Malcolm Edwards – address above. 9/£1.50, Sf – Lem, etc.

FANZINE NEWS: Bryn Fortey has folded Relativity and "ceased pretending" that the fourth issue will ever appear. Bryn also believes that Ian Williams has handed Maya over to Ian Maule, though this is unconfirmed. Phil Spencer thinks the prospect of a combined 'rock fanzine' is "somewhat remote" and will certainly not be titled Boogie Music in any case! Ethel Lindsay's Haverings will be out at the end of August and Scottishe at the end of Sept. Mary Legg (20 Woodstock Close, Oxford, OX2 8DB) is looking for early issues of her fanzine, Crabapple, and warns: "Let this be a lesson to you to keep copies of your own fnz!" Finally, Keith Walker (Psychiatric Training School, Burnley General Hosp, Lancs) is looking for a British 'agent'.. for Psywar – reasons are obscure, but contact Keith if you're interested.

SFR SUBSCRIBERS: Ethel Lindsay asks "that I would wish any British fan who thinks they are due a refund after the demise of SFR to let me know. I thought I had it all straight, but just heard from someone who'd been missed. Wouldn't like this to happen to anyone else!" – 6 Langley Av, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 6QJ.

FANZINES AVAILABLE: I've just received copies of Ron Clarke's The Mentor 19 – big 68 pages (do not accept less!) – 7/£1 or 15p each. There are still a couple of copies of Dave Grigg's The Fanarchist 4 left @ 10p each or 5/50p – no.5 has been issued and should arrive soon. Both the above are genuine Australian fanzines, if you didn't know.

A search has uncovered some copies of defunct fanzines from earlier agencies: two copies of Hugin & Munin 7 (Richard Labonte, 1968) @ 10p each and copies of Magic is Afoot (a folk/music fnz by Ed Reed, 1970) @ 10p each, nos. 2, 3, & 4 – 3/20p. No more news of Focal Point, I'm afraid.

FANZINE COLLECTORS: The OMPAzines have been sent off by now, Gray Boak has some fanzines for sale (6 Hawks Rd, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, 1KT 3EG) and so has James Goddard (SAE to 1 Sharvells Rd, Milford-on-Sea, Lymington, Hants, S04 0PE). I too have another batch which I'll list below – contact me before Sep.1st unless you mind waiting until December.

@ 5p each, 5/10p: Hobbitalia 1 (Paul Doerr), Osfan 3-15 (Doug Clark), SF Newsletter 11-21 (Don Blyly), Wadezine 3-7 (Audrey Walton), Mult 3 (Phil Cooper), The Planet Comicollector 1,2 (Dave Womack), The Fantasy Collector 123 & 131 (Caz Cazedessus), The BSFA Bulletin 12, 13, 17-19 (Archie Mercer), The Amazing Dancing Bear (John Hall), Magic Fun Giant 8 (Will Schubert), The Newport News 11, 16 (Ned Brooks), Scream 1, 2, 5 (Keith Walker).

@ 10p each, 4/20p: No Eyed Monster 15-17 (Norm Masters), Granfalloon 7 (sans Gilbert portfolio) (Linda Bushyager), Gothique 9 (Stan Nicholls), Fusion 2 (Jim Grant), Monolith 2 (Mike Ashley), Speculation 19 (Pete Weston), Con 2 (Chris Priest), Seminar 1 (Trev Goring), Free Orbit 1 (Audrey Walton), Die Schmetterling 7 (Dick Schultz), Tightbeam 63 (Gary Labowitz), Ad Infinitum 4 (Barcelona Club), Haverings 35 (Ethel Lindsay), L'Ecran Fantastique 4 (Alain Schlockoff), Clavileno 1 (J.Ferron), Andromeda 62 (SFCD). I've also a large number of Vectors (BSFA) which I've listed before.

SO WHAT ELSE CAN I SELL? Well, I found some comics in the attic... 5p each if anyone wants them! (Most are 'well read', some more than others; all are complete) 5/20p: UK – Gene Autrey & Champion 3, Forbidden Worlds 7, 8. Adventures into the Unknown 18, 19. Out of this World 4, Mystery in Space 13. Amazing Stories of Suspense 7. Turok, Son of Stone 7. US – The Aquanauts 1197. The Nature of Things 77. Strange Tales 94. Turok 26 House of Secrets 32. House of Mystery 105. Strange Adventures 113. Tales of the Unexpected 63.

Sf Magazines – ex collection – 12 1/2 p each plus post: F&SF Sep 64 to April 68 (missing Nov 64 & Sep 66), Feb, April, May, June 69. Analog Dec 66, Jan 67, May, July, Aug, Oct, Nov, Dec 67. F&SF (US) Mar 58, WoT (10p) Sep, Jul 65, Spring, Summer 67. Astounding (UK) May 57 (includes EFR's 'Nuisance Value'), New Worlds 48 (bit worn) & 51. Analog Sep 66, Feb 68. All these @ 5/50p or 10/80p – plus post.

And I suppose I might as well fill the page up with some books: de Camp – The Floating Continent (Compact), A Planet Called Krishna (Compact), Lest Darkness Fall (Pyramid, 5p). Brunner – Now Then (Mayflower), To Conquer Chaos (Ace, 10p), The Day of the Star Cities (Ace), Listen! The Stars/The Rebellers – J. Roberts (Ace Dble); Robert E.Howard – The Garden of Fear (Crawford 10p). All the above @ 7 1/2 p each, unless stated, plus post. Ex-collection.

Any Checkpoint subscriber can advertise fanzines (for sale/wanted) free (If under five lines), by the way. Yes, it can be a wonderful life, even without money...

CoAs: Gray Boak, 6 Hawks Rd, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, 1KT 3EG.
James Goddard, Woodlands Lodge, Woodlands, Southampton. (after Sep 1.)
Leigh Edmonds, P0 Box 74, Balaclava, Vic.3183, Australia.
Robin Johnson, GPO Box 4039, Melbourne, Vic 3001, Australia.

WEIRD TALES: (being a column of odd notes & comments). Gerald Bishop is announcing his temporary fafiation since "I've very nearly been thrown out of my B.Sc. course at Leeds because I've been spending too much time working on sf projects..." Nonetheless Gerbish will stay in OMPA and continue with Luna, the BSFA Tape Section, and Checkpoint's book news. /O/ Ethel Lindsay has "just failed my third attempt at the driving test. Put in right away for another. Never say die Lindsay!" I think the record stands at forty or more, Ethel – only another 37 to go! /O/ A Keele graduate, John Park (4570 West 12th Av, Vancouver 8, B.C., Canada) is taking over regional fandom in British Columbia, taking part in con panels, and wielding power in the BCSFA and UBCSFS (work them out yourselves); John is also submitting stories to the prozines. Keele fandom exists! /O/ Al & Linda Lewis arrive in England this month on a teacher exchange deal; they should be at the Sept. Globe meeting. /O/ Ron Bennett (52 Fairways Dr, Forest Lane, Harrogate, Yorks) has a book, magazine, and comic listing which is valid till his return to the continent on 25th August. Ethel Lindsay is now dealing in mystery & detective books; lists on request. /O/ Bill Burns and Mary Ensley are to be married in the States on August 28th, returning to Britain next February. /O/ A new London apa (tentatively named WANK) is planned – the name of Greg Pickersgill (allegedly working in the British Museum!) is not unattached... /O/ The Mount Royal, 1965 London Worldcon site, was partially damaged by fire on July 21st.

Extract from a letter to Ron Bennett from Brian Aldiss: "Philip Strick and I are completing our history of sf, The Billion Year Spree, to be published one of these fine days by Weidenfeld & Nicholson in the UK and Doubleday in the US. And despite rumours to the contrary, I'm at work on a new sf novel." Brian also had an article on fiction-writing and the role of the author in The Guardian (Aug 9th, I think) and a long interview in the August Penthouse (which has a Harlan Ellison short as well). /O/ Malcolm Edwards notes that New Worlds didn't actually apply for an Arts Council renewal this year, being financially secure for the time being. Not that it would have received one anyway... /O/ Chris Priest has sold another novel in the US plus film rights to a New Worlds Quarterly short story. Happy man. (Norstrilian News)

Comments on the proposed British Fanzine Awards: (Malcolm Edwards) – "I suggest an added category: 'Best & Worst Single Issue'. Don't see why Greg should set up a 'Best Fanzine Review' category, just so there'd be something he could be nominated for! Why not add 'Best Newszine' or 'Best Fanzine Produced by Malcolm Edwards', etc, etc?. Would actually suggest having awards for Best Fanzine, Artist, and Writer and a series of commendations or whatever for the rest. It may just be a game, but you don't have to tell other people that!" (Bryn Fortey) – "It might be 'just a game', but I nevertheless think that 'worst' awards would hurt." (Ian Maule) – "In my opinion British fandom is too small to give a comprehensive or legitimate vote. As to John Piggott's suggestion of distributing final ballots to con members – the majority are not fans and have no interest in fandom."

I'm afraid I'm still fence-straddling; the awards may be worthwhile if there's enough general support, otherwise they'll be as feeble as apa egoboo polls – and that's really feeble!

WEIRD TALES: (cont). Gerd Hallenberger (3550 Marburg (Lahn), Alter Kirchhainer Weg 52, Germany) has copies of the new German fan directory which lists 411 German fans, names and addresses, plus additional info. Cost is DM 1.50 per copy. /O/ James Goddard had a letter in defence of Brian Aldiss's sf novels in the last Book News (a free news-sheet found in book-shops). /O/ Phil Spencer notes: "the Nat.West. has a facility for putting the symbol of the trade on cheques for business customers, so soon there could be fannish cheques with aardvarks and wombats all over them... I'd hate to get a personalized cheque from Greg Pickersgill though..." /O/ Archie Mercer sends clippings from The Guardian (June 30th) on new quarantine restrictions: "Likely to have to spend six months in isolation are marsupials such as the kangaroo, wombat, and koala bear. The duck-billed platypus, the aardvark, dolphins, whales, and porpoises will not need to be quarantined." I think that makes good fannish sense... In addition: "Mr Waterhouse added: 'the only animals which we are asking to be made subject to quarantine restrictions for life are vampire bats. I am happy to say there are very few of them in this country..." Silly Animal Fandom will not be affected...

BOOK NEWS FOR SF FREAKS: (a column by Gerald Bishop). Books due August, but not listed last time:

Hardback: Sidgwick & Jackson – Second van Vogt 0mnibus, Gravitator (Hugh Darrington). Macdonald – The Last Hurrah of the Golden Horde (Norman Spinrad) Gollancz – Postmarked the Stars (Andre Norton).

Paperback; Sphere – Twilight of the Vilp (Paul Ableman).

September – Hardback: NEL – I Will Fear No Evil (Robert Heinlein), The Gods of Foxtrot (David Levy). S&J – The Time Tunnel (Murray Leinster), Gollancz – City of Illusions (Ursula Le Guin. Hale – Butterfly Planet (Philip High), Space Statium (H.U.Bevis). McGibbon & Kee – T Minus Tower (Derek Maitland). Faber – Damnation Alley (Roger Zelazny), The Best SF Stories of Brian Aldiss (revised & updated), Solaris (Stanisław Lem).

Paperback: NEL – The Pastel City (John Harrison). Mayflower – A Spectre is Haunting Texas (Fritz Leiber). Panther – Lord of Light (Roger Zelazny). Arrow – The Ganymede Takeover (Dick & Nelson). Pan (Ballantine) – The Last Unicorn (Peter Beagle), Satellite 54 Zero (Douglas Mason), Dark Stars (ed. Robert Silverberg). NEL (Signet) – Level 7 (Mordecai Roshwald). Puffin – Heartsease (Peter Dickinson).

Gerald Bishop (1971).

American Books for September (just received from Joanne Burger):

Hardback: Doubleday – The Hugo Winners vol II (ed Asimov), The Committed Man (M. John Harrison), Once There Was A Giant (Keith Laumer). Little – The First Team (John Ball), Putnam – Chronopolis & Other Stories (J.G.Ballard). Walker – Peregrine Primus (Avram Davidson). Sherbourne – The Edge of Forever (Chad Oliver).

Paperback: Ace – Humanity Prime (Bruce McAlister), Cats Eye (Norton), Star-born (Norton). Peoples, Machines (Jack Williamson), Gather in the Hall of the Planets, In the Pocket (K. M. O'Donnell). Signet – The Byworlder (Poul Anderson), The Continent Makers (de Camp), Today We Choose Faces (Roger Zelazny). Dell – The Undefeated (Laumer). Berkley – To Your Scattered Bodies Go (Farmer). Bantam – Sex And the High Command (John Boyd). Ace – Fortress of the Six Moons (Scheer – Perry Rhodan, 7).

Joanne Burger (1971).

PAPERBACKS AND MAGAZINES RECEIVED: In the Adult Fantasy series from Pan/Ballantine is William Morris's The Wood Beyond The World, described as "The first great fantasy novel ever written" though that epithet comes from Lin Carter whose introduction contains some curious definitions of fantasy and allied genres. William Morris is slightly better known for his sociological novels and practical philosophy, but this book is an interesting addition to the ranks of current paperbacks. The Adult Fantasy series is a fine idea, excellently presented; I'll attempt a longer review later, though! (40p, by the way).

From Orion Press, 81 Marlborough Rd, Salford, M8 7DT, comes L'Incroyable Cinema 3 & 4. The magazine is something of a successor to Alien Worlds and contains articles on the fantasy (including horror & sf) film and the people behind it. No 3 contains an interview with William Shatner from Star Trek with some fine Eddie Jones illos and a mass of photos. There's also an article on the film, Things To Come, plus letters and reviews. No 4 has a piece on Hitchcock and assorted film notes and news. Both issues are well-printed (no 4 has an improved typeface), extremely well Illustrated with photos and some Eddie Jones artwork, and of great interest to any and every film fan. Recommended at 25p each...

SEA-SERPENTS AVOID ICEBERGS! Rules and maps are now being finalized for the fantasy game of Midgard, master-minded by Hartley Patterson (The Finches, 7 Cambridge Rd, Beaconsfield, Bucks) and loosely based on the German game, Armageddon, which was on display at the Heicon. Players are, for the most part, divided into three groups: wizards, heroes, and merchants. Some may be classed as rulers and given a piece of territory within Midgard (from which they can trade, make war, look for hidden spells, explore, or in which they can build extremely strong castles and retire from active participation); other players may be released to roam free... Anarchic fantasy may be the result, though Hartley should know most of what is occurring in Midgard. Game starts later this year and the end of August is the deadline for would-be rulers. A news-sheet is issued regularly and some thirty players have joined so far, so contact Hartley if you're interested.

NEXT ISSUE: I'll include a batch of fanzine reviews (Shadow, Beabohema, and SF Commentary) which were shouldered out this time. All news to Bristol for next time, please. Anything sent to Keele after August 12th will be remaining there until I return, I'm afraid.

CODE: XXX – last issue. 'number' – last paid issue. S – sample. N – news.


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