Checkpoint 70


Edited and produced by Ian Maule, 8 Hillcroft Crescent, Ealing, London W5 2SG, United Kingdom. Available for letter, trade or subscription (5/40p – 10/70p). News this issue from Marsha Jones and other various sources. Hinderance this issue from British Weather and a female companion. Special mention to John Piggott for typing part of Gerald Bishop's book list.


Attending membership £5.50 Supporting Membership £4.00
The attending membership rate will increase again as of 1st October to £8.30, although the supporting membership will remain the same.

People who think there is a fair chance of them going to the convention would do well to get an attending membership now, since the cost of converting a supporting membership to an attending one will be the difference between the rate at which you joined as a supporting member and the attending rate at the time you convert.

The first progress report is out and gives all the details of the reason for the change of site from Orlando to the Hotel Fontainbleau in Miami Beach. Room rates in the new hotel will be $27.00 for a single, $31.00 for a double, $35.00 for a triple and $39.00 for a quad. All rooms in the hotel contain two double beds so fans wanting to save money by sharing rooms won't find themselves in cramped conditions by doing so. (Marsha Jones).

The Fontainebleau owes nearly $1.3 million in taxes and may be put up to public auction if it does not come up with the money by November. "We don't have the money to pay the taxes" hotel owner Ben Novack told a city council meeting last week. He said arrangements were being made "so we can pay our taxes very soon, I hope." (UPI 7/6/76 via Instant Message)

Other disturbing news concerning Suncon concerns the concom themselves. According to a few people I've spoken to the committee have resigned en masse leaving all arrangements incomplete. I don't really know any more details as yet but perhaps by next issues I'll have more information on the subject to impart.

SF Expo, the professionally organised convention which has caused so much concern in Karass has been indefinitely postponed.

Success of Aussiecon seems to have gone to Australian fandoms head. Apart from the already announced Sydney in '88 there is also plans for an Adelaide in '83 bid.

SF and related books to be published in Britain in July – compiled by Gerald Bishop.


HALE: The Body Snatchers of Lethe, G.J. Barrett; The Sioux Spaceman, Andre Norton; A Madness from Mars, Dennis Summers; The Best from Fantastic, Ed. Ted White.

SECKER & WARBURG: The Star Diaries, Stanisław Lem.

W.H. ALLEN: Continuum II, Ed. Roger Elwood.

ROBESON: Arena: Sports Science Fiction, Ed. Edward Ferman & Barry Malzberg.

SIDGWICK & JACKSON: The Telzey Toy, James Schmitz; New Writings in SF 28, Ed. Ken Bulmer; Science Fiction Special 18, Ed. Anon.

KENNIKAT PRESS: Curious Fragments: Tales of Fantasy Fiction, Jack London (Ed. Dale L. Walker); The Happening Worlds of John Brunner: Critical Explorations in Science Fiction, Ed. John De Bolt.

NEL: Wandering Worlds, Terry Greenhough.

GOLLANCZ: Brontomek! Michael G. Coney; Bruno Lipshitz and the Disciples of Dogma, John Robert King.


SPHERE: The Green Odyssey, Philip Jose Farmer; Two Tales and Eight Tomorrows, Prime Number, Harry Harrison; Dragonquest, Anne McCaffrey.

NEWS: The Enemy Within, Gregory Kern.

PANTHER: Foundation and Empire, Isaac Asimov; War with the Robots, Harry Harrison; Skull Face Omnibus II, Robert E. Howard.

MAYFLOWER: The Quest of the DNA Cowboys, Mick Farren; The Knight of the Swords, Michael Moorcock; The Procrastinator Awakes, Ian Maule.

HODDER: Flandry of Terra, Poul Anderson.

TARGET: Dr Who and the Genesis of the Daleks, Terrance Dicks.

PAN: Earthlight, Arthur C Clarke.

PENGUIN: Spaceship Medic, Harry Harrison.

ORBIT: Masters of Space, The Best of E E 'Doc' Smith, E E Smith; The Best of Harry Harrison, Harry Harrison; Time out of Mind, Kuldesak, Richard Cowper.

NEL: The Fog, The Rats, James Herbert; The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag, Time Enough for Love, Robert Heinlein; Synthetic Men of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs; Stained Glass World, Ken Bulmer; Night of the Crabs, Guy N. Smith.


Procyon 4, John C. Collick, 12 Melrose Rd., Bishop Monkton, Harrogate, Yorkshire. Usual or 1/15p, 4/60p, 6/£1. Fan fiction and other rubbish.

Super Crud '69, Bryn Fortey, 90 Caerleon Rd., Newport, Gwent, NPT 7BY. Usual. Humour and faan fiction.

Something Else 5, Shayne McCormack, 49 Bass Hill, W.S.W. 2197, Australia. Usual or 50¢. fannish and general.

Oryan 3, Paul Ryan, 29 Morritt Ave., Halton, Leeds, LS15 7EP. Usual or 25p. Personalzine with good fannish contents.

Logo 3, Kevin Easthope, 6 Ipsley Grove, Erdington, Birmingham, B23 7SY. Usual. One of the new breed of British fanzines. Good contents ranging from solid fannish articles to inane ramblings.

Stop Breaking Down 2, 3, Greg Pickersgill & Simone Walsh, 4 Lothair Rd., South Ealing, London W5. Usual or 20p in stamps. Fannish writing at its best. Issue 3 contains an excellent Mancon report from Malcolm Edwards.

News From Bree 18, Hartley Patterson, 'Finches', 7 Cambridge Rd., Beaconsfield, Bucks., HP9 1HW. Usual or 20p. The British fanzine on fantasy wargaming.

Mota 16, Terry Hughes, 4739 Washington Blvd., Basement, Arlington, Va. 22205, USA. Usual. The best in fannish writing coming from the States.

Fanzine Fanatique 17/18, Keith Walker, 2 Daisy Bank, Quernomore Rd., Lancaster, Lancs. Usual or 1/10p, 4/35p. Fanzine reviews.

Last Dangerous Crudzines 3, Elst Weinstein, 7001 Park Manor Ave., North Hollywood, Ca, 91605, USA. Usual or 35¢. Personalzine.

Algol 25, Andy Porter, PO Box 4175, New York, NY 10017, USA. £3 for six issues from the British agent: Ethel Lindsay, Courage House, 6 Langley Ave., Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 6QL. Sf discussion.

Scribe 3, Brian Tawn, 29 Cordon St., Wisbech, Cambs., PE13 2LW. Usual. Fannish and general.

Scottishe 71, Ethel Lindsay, Courage House, 6 Langley Ave., Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 6QL. Usual or 2/50p. SF and General.

De Profundis 84,85, LASFS, 11360 Ventura Blvd., Studio City, CA. 91604, USA. Usual. Newsletter of the Los Angeles SF Society.

Fanew Sletter 56,57,58. Leigh Edmonds, PO Box 76, Carlton, Victoria 3035, Australia. 10/$2(Aus.) The newszine to keep you in touch with Australian fandom.

Scientifriction 5, Mike Glyer, 14974 Osceola St., Sylmar, CA. 91342, USA. Usual. Sample issue $1. SF and Fannish.

One-Off 2, David E. Bridges, 51 Crawshaw Grove, Sheffield, S8 7EA. Usual. Applauded by certain fans but not by me. Fannish.

Karass 21, Linda Bushyager, 1614 Evans Ave., Prospect Park, PA. 19076, USA. Usual or 3/$1. Fannish newszine.

Magnus 7, Eric Batard, Rue Kleber – 37500 Chinon, France. Usual. Review and newszine – in French.

Instant Message 195, 196, NESFA, Box G, MIT Branch Post Office, Cambridge, Mass. 02319, USA. Newsletter of the New England Science Fiction Association.

SKYCON '78 is the name of a new bid for the 1978 Eastercon. Committee members concerned with the bid are: Stan Eling, Liese Hoare, Kev Smith, Martin Hoare, Dermot Dobson, Dave Langford, Janice Wiles, Keith Oborn and Ian Robinson. A somewhat large group which will no doubt be cut down to more managable numbers at a later date. Site for the convention has been chosen and will be in the South of England, although as yet the hotel has not been named. The first committee meeting is being held on Saturday 10th July and more news should be forthcoming after that date.


Spy X informs me that Dave Rowe is/was campaigning for the consideration of judges fanzines for the Nova Award should they be nominated. This would appear to be Dave's answer to the problem that 'K' might not be eligible.

Contrary to what Brian Parker says in the latest issue of Parkers Patch I did not duplicate the issue, although my duplicator was used. The reason for the poor duplication, apart from Brian doing it, was that with the heatwave the ink melted.

Greg Pickersgill and Simone Walsh, at the moment house hunting, have been turned down for a mortgage – no housewarming party for the Rats this year.

Returns for the Checkpoint Fan Poll have been counted and will be published in the next issue. Best fanzine was.......



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