Checkpoint 69


Checkpoint 69, edited and produced by Ian Maule, 8 Hillcroft Crescent, Ealing, London W5 2SG, United Kingdom. Available for letter, trade or subscription (5/40p or 10/70p). News this issue supplied by Keith Walker, Harry Bell, Rob Jackson, Ian Williams, Andy Porter and Gerald Bishop.


"The story, apparently, is not strictly as you set it out. On the Monday afternoon Keith Freeman and Dave Kyle both saw the fanzines and were allowed to go through them removing everything with B.S.F.A. on it, including those sent to Charlie Winston which mentioned the B.S.F.A. Ken Slater was asked to look at the ones marked Operation Fantast to see if he could recognise them as the B.S.F.A. ones, he couldn't. Similarly the Mancon Committee allowed Chris Fowler to go through the Vectors and take what he wanted. Keith's opinion of the fanzines were that they were a pretty ragtag bunch with nothing of importance amongst them.

It is likely that they were the 2nd and 3rds held by the Fanzine Foundation but what proof is there? What you put forward as proof is only supposition. Although we regret the loss of the old fanzines and would love to get them back, there's nothing we can do without proof. The proof must be hard because we would be accusing someone of theft, and that's a serious thing."


The above is an extract from a letter originally sent to Keith Walker, who as you recall first raised the subject last issue. Tom also made some comments to the effect that any additional coverage of this matter would only revive old hurts that would in effect obscure the situation even further. My own personal opinion on this whole affair and the previous eruption after Chester in 1972 is that whether or not the B.S.F.A. Fanzine Foundation was sold the fanzines in these two auctions went to genuine collectors who will take more loving care of them than any organisation that accumulates them just for the sake of it.


Two issues ago I made some comments on Silicon, the convention to be held in Newcastle over August Bank Holiday. Both Rob Jackson and Harry Bell replied and Harry's is reprinted below.

"I don't believe we've picked the wrong time of year: any other time would be too near one of the other cons, the Bank Holiday gives us the extra day, and although some fans who would have come have already arranged their holidays this year, they'll be able to leave August Bank Holiday free for next year. We wanted to get it off the ground this year and not leave it to fester in the Gannet Plans Cupboard.

The hotel isn't so very expensive when you consider that VAT and Service Charges are included, as well as a full English breakfast (no 75p on top) and it really is a first-class hotel with pleasant, helpful staff and management and an incredibly well-stocked bar. The food is good and reasonably priced (enormous portions). However, we did go to see Jack Morris (the manager) last weekend and he has now made available rooms in the main part of the hotel, without bath. Prices for these will be £5.75 single, £5.25 double/twin. Hopefully, this will encourage one or two more to register/book.

The announcement at the Sunday business meeting at Mancon was a mistake, one which might have been avoided if I'd remembered to get up in time. It was brought about by concern on Messrs. Williams & Jackson's part that we weren't going to get enough registrations. I agreed at first but had serious doubts later. Still, registrations have continued to come in since Mancon and none of them has displeased me. They are all from people I'd be glad to have at the con.

Silicon was never really designed as another Boakcon. We were aiming at something between that and the earlier Novacons. Mike & Pat Meara have next years Faancon in hand, and there's no reason why small occasional minicons shouldn't be arranged at other times of the year. So we wanted something else, but retaining the relaxed friendly atmosphere of Boakcon. There will be neos there and I'm all for that as long as there aren't too many. I've heard it suggested (by neos) that Boakcon seemed very exclusive and what I'd like is for Silicon to help ease these neos into the social life of fandom. Rob Hansen and Merf Adamson are two such "neos" whom we'll be glad to see there and I hope I'll actually get a good chance to talk to them for a change."


Ian Williams is indeed the British agent for the awards, as I reported last issue. The final ballot will be distributed shortly and might even be distributed with this Checkpoint if it arrives in the post tomorrow. Cost of voting is 50p and the deadline is June 14th. Of interest to British fans is that Rob Jackson has been nominated for Best Faned, Bob Shaw as Best Fan writer and Harry Bell as Best Fan Artist (humorous).

SF and related books due to be published in Britain in June – compiled by Gerald Bishop.


Hale: Double Time, Michael Elder; Life Line, John Gilchrist; Nutzenbolts and More Troubles with Machines, Ron Goulart; Ring of Rings, R.H. Wilson.

Blackie: Outside, Andre Norton.

Lythway Press: Brave New World, Aldous Huxley; The Time Machine, H.G. Wells.

Sidgwick & Jackson: Cradle in the Sun, Robert Wells; The Lion Game, James H. Schmitz.

Hutchinson: The New Improved Sun, ed. Thomas Disch.

Macdonald & Janes: Jules Verne (biog.), Jean Jules Verne; The Horror People, John Brosnan. (Film).

NEL: Martian Time Slip, P.K. Dick; Bring the Jubilee, Ward Moore; Memoirs of a Spacewoman, Naomi Mitchison.

Allen & Unwin: The Hobbit (de luxe edition at £15.00), J.R.R. Tolkien.


NEL: Mission of Gravity, Hal Clement; Other Worlds, Cyrano de Bergerac; The Paradox Men, Charles Harness.

Hodder: The Wideways, Saul Dunn.

Sphere: Ringworld, Inconstant Moon, Larry Niven.

Mews: The Monster of Metalaze, Gregory Kern.

PAN: In the Wet, Nevil Shute; The Visitor, Roger Price.

PANTHER: The Primal Urge, Brian Aldiss; October Country, Ray Bradbury; Skull Face Omnibus Vol 1, Robert E. Howards; Undercover Aliens, A.E. van Vogt; Wild Card, Raymond Hawkey & Roger Bingham.

METHUEN: The Godwhale, T.J. Bass.

Tandem: The Monster Men, Beyond the Farthest Star, E.R. Burroughs.

ORBIT: The Book of Mars, ed Willie McNelly; Year's Best SF 9, ed Brian Aldiss & Harry Harrison; Escape to Venus, Clark Dalton.

Fanzine News

Outworlds has incorporated and Bowers and Nagey are selling stock in the company. They plan to produce Outworlds as a professional SF magazine sometime around Suncon in '77. // Goblin's Grotto 3 was partially duplicated last weekend and should be out for the June One Tun meeting when Ian Williams will be down in London visiting your friendly Checkpoint editor. // Walt Willis has indeed written an article for the next issue of Maya. Along with Walt's article will be the transcript of Bob Shaw's Mancon speech. Publication date is late June or early July. // Further Gannetzines due out in the not too distant future will be Atropos from Dave Cockfield and NESFIG Newsletter from Alan Isaacson. // Andy Porter reminds me that Algol pays 1 ¢ a word on publication so all you writers out there who pined over the loss of SF Monthly get writing.

A Couple of Conreps

Balticon held the same weekend as Mancon 5 drew about 1,000 people to the lush Hunt Valley Inn about 10 miles North of Baltimore in the rolling countryside of Maryland. A fairly good convention, it was highlighted by a mimeograph roon provided free by Gestetner and the source of several one-shots and personal zines. Electrostencils, stencils and everything else absolutely free. The weather outside however, reached an ungodly 94 degrees – hardly Spring weather anywhere on the Easter seaboard.

Lunacon, the week earlier, had a fine program created by local femme fan and Fanoclasts host Lise Eisenberg. A huckster room with about 15 empty tables which unnerved people, only about 900 paid attendance, down, again, from previous years, and two pie-in-the-face attacks on Ted White. The second was paid for and instigated by, we are told by Spy X, Charles Platt.

(Andy Porter)

The voting form for the fifth annual Checkpoint fan poll rides with this issue. Remember to send your form back to Peter Roberts by Monday June 14th.

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