Checkpoint 48

Published by Darroll Pardoe, 24 Othello Close, Hartford, Huntingdon, PE18 7SU, England. The subscription rate is at present 10/50p; sample free on request. May 6th 1974.


Peter Weston is the winner of this year's TAFF race. Congratulations to Peter, who will make a fine TAFF ambassador to the DISCON in Washington next August. I understand he is intending to publish a trip report after his return, a welcome adherence to tradition which some TAFF delegates have neglected over the last few years.

The detailed breakdown of the voting is as follows:

Weston Roberts
America 62 42
U.K. 60 19
Europe 32 4

TOTAL 154 65

I wish Peter all the best for his forthcoming journey to the U.S.A.

CONVENTIONS I now have the full line-up of the SEACON 75 committee to hand: Convention Chairman is Malcolm Edwards; Treasurer, Peter Roberts; Secretary, Rob Holdstock; other committee members, Pat and Graham Charnock, Roy Kettle, Andrew Stephenson, John Piggott and John Brosnan. I'm told that membership money sent by post should go to Malcolm Edwards (19 Ranmoor Gardens, Harrow, Middlesex HAl IUQ), not to Peter Roberts, This applies to the pre-supporting memberships for the 1979 Worldcon bid, too. (50p for SEACON 75, 40p for the Worldcon). As of April 25th, 171 people were registered for SEACON 75, and 139 were supporting the Worldcon bid.

Hugo nomination forms were distributed with the DISCON progress report 3; to vote you have to be a member of DISCON, or have been one of TORCON. (The final ballot will be open only to registered DISCON members). Membership in DISCON is £1.20 to Marsha and Eddie Jones, 25 Mount Way, Bebington Hall Park, Higher Bebington, Cheshire L63 5RA.

DEATHS Locus has reported the deaths of Vincent Starrett (on January 5th) and Ben Keifer (on February 16th). Vincent Starrett was one of the founders of the Baker Street Irregulars, and of large stature in Sherlock Holmes fandom. Ben Keifer was a fan of long standing, and one of the original organizers of the Midwestcon (back in the Beatley's at Russell's Point days).

FANZINE PROJECTS Peter Roberts reports that his 'LITTLE GEM GUIDE TO SF FANZINES' will be out in a couple of weeks, and is specifically aimed at those new to the field (such as people attracted via SF MONTHLY), It will have an introductory section, followed by a listing of current fanzines (British ones only, Peter?). Anybody who wants one should send two 3 1/2 p stamps to Peter Roberts (Flat 4, 6 Westbourne Park Villas, London W.2).

A small fanzine is apparently planned in connection with the Tucker Fund, to be called TUCKER BAG. It will go out as a rider to as many other fanzines as possible; anyone who would let TUCKER BAG ride with their fanzine should contact Jackie Franke (Box 51-A, RR2, Beecher, Illinois 601+01, USA). The Tucker Fund (to send Bob Tucker to the Aussiecon in 1975) will get under way after the conclusion of the current DUFF campaign in June. (STWJ)

LONDON MEETINGS Mike Mitchell writes that some 7-10 people meet in the 'Cock' pub at Euston Tower Parade every Friday night; he says it's the 'SF Evening Class, ie Chris Priest's mob' and that new faces are always welcome.

The 'Globe' was still there last time I went down Hatton Garden but its days are now definitely numbered, as the devastation creeps nearer along the street...

GRAY BOAK is moving on May 16th to the Preston/Blackpool area. 'I don't yet have a new address' he writes 'and will probably be in temporary accommodation for some time, so I can't give a CoA just yet. However, I'd like people to be warned off sending me letters, fanzines and such.' Best of luck with the move, Gray.

DOCTOR WHO starts his last story in his current incarnation as Jon Pertwee on May 4th, BBC-1. Apparently it's those giant spiders of Metebelis III and their blue crystal....


SONF 6 (Howard Rosenblum, 46 Moray Road, London N4 3LG) (l0p or the usual; l6pp dp A4) This suffers from a lack of coherent editorial policy. Howard has a lot of book reviews (not all by himself) of a fair standard, but doesn't seem to want to make SoNF a Serious and Constructive fanzine. Layout, while not brilliant by any means, is improving.

MAYBE 36 (Irvin Koch, 835 Chatta Bank Building Chattanooga, TN 371+02, USA) (l6pp pr USQ) (trades or 6/$2.50). Maybe is a very useful publication, with lots of short notices of fanzines and information cribbed from other places. Reading Maybe is one of the best ways of keeping in touch with fanzines in the States. Some chatter this time about crottled greeps and filk duncing. Recommended. Lovely cover, too.

TRIODE 19 (Eric Bentcliffe, 17 Riverside Crescent, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire CW4 7NR) (usual or 3/£1.00; 34p~p dp 4to). Great Ghu have mercy! The last issue of this fanzine was the year before I discovered fandom, and it looks exactly the same now as then: 'Hour of the 13th Greep', Cawthorn illos, a ***Harrison*** tale and all. Not to mention the true (?) tale of Burgess's Lights. Welcome back, Triode: at this rate I wouldn't be surprised to see APE/ on my doormat one day!

ANTITHESIS 3 (Chris Sherman 700 Parkview Terrace, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416, USA.) (50¢; 40pp ditto USQ). I'm not keen on poetry in fanzines as a rule, and this is no exception. The art portfolio by Joe West is not of a very high standard. But the rest of the fanzine is reasonable; it includes a short bit by Tucker and a decent letter column. Nothing outstanding, though.

QWERTYUIOP 6 (Sam Long, Box 4946, Patrick AFB, Florida 32925, USA) (usual) (30pp dp USQ). This actually came out some time ago, but the first copy I was sent seems to have been eaten by the PO. Q is a lovely fanzine, with just the right mixture of the serious and the light for an authentic faanish flavour, He also likes wombats. Best thing this issue is a comparison by Sam of Florida and Britain.

LOCUS 156, 157 (Charlie and Dena Brown, Box 3938, San Francisco, CA 94119, USA; British Agent is Peter Weston, 72 Beeches Drive, Erdington, Birmingham 24) (8pp; pr; USQ) Locus is invaluable for news of the science fiction field; much less fan-oriented than formerly, however, and it is now also offset in rather small type. With these two issues came a rider from Peter Weston announcing an increase in rates (18/£4.20 airmail or 18/£2.50 surface mail).

SON OF THE WSFA JOURNAL 131, 132 (Don Miller) (UK agent is Eric Bentcliffe, address above; 12/£1.00) (l0pp dp USQ). This useful, frequent newszine soldiers on as usual, though the Post Office has been playing games with me: I received 131 and 132 together and I haven't had 129 or 130 yet.

Malcolm Edwards sent along the Nebula Awards:

Novel 'Rendezvous with Rama'

Novella 'Death of Dr Island' by Gene Wolfe (from UNIVERSE 3)

Novelette 'Of Mist and Grass and Sand' by Vonda McIntyre

Short Story 'Love is the Plan, the Plan is Death' by James Tiptree Jr. (from THE ALIEN CONDITION)

and the J.W.Campbell Awards:

Winners 'Rendezvous with Rama' and 'Malevil' (R.Merle)

Runners-up 'The Embedding' (Ian Watson) and 'The Green Gene' (Peter Dickinson)

SF MONTHLY continues its downward path with no. 4 (the May issue). This one has even less of interest than previous issues, but at least it doesn't mention fandom this time, except tangentially. There's an article by Mike Ashley, though.

SYD BOUNDS wrote regarding John Millard's letter in CP45: 'The letter from John Millard brings back memories (though, alas, I don't remember John). I can't place meeting the author of 'The Camberwell Miracle' either, and I would have liked to: I suspect another Williams. K.W.Gaitard should, I think, be Gatland. L.Hawkins is probably Peter Hawkins who wrote some sf for Ted Carnell's NEW WORLDS in the long-gone days. I regret to inform you that Alan Gascoigne committed suicide some years ago. Memories....'

ODDMENTS Total attendance at Tynecon was over 400, not 350 as I said last time... the Star Trek convention in New York last February drew over 10,000 people, and eventually they had to stop taking new memberships... a Tolkien wargames group has started up, 'The Middle-Earth Society' (annual sub £1.50 to Kevin J. Young, 308 Windmill House, Windmill Lane, Smethwick, Warley, Worcs.)

CHECKPOINT 48, May 6th 1974.

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