Checkpoint 46 Supplement

CHECKPOINT – Post-convention supplement to issue 46.

CHECKPOINT CONTINUES! Ok, you can forget about the plans outlined in the rest of this issue. I'm still giving up Checkpoint, but, as a result of a chance remark at the Tynecon, Darroll Pardoe has agreed to take over this newszine.

The title will remain the same and all subscriptions will be carried on as normal; I shall hand over the refund money to Darroll. Quite what the new Checkpoint will look like, I'm not sure; but the first issue is likely to appear soon and I wish your new editor the best of luck.

Further correspondence specifically for Checkpoint should be sent to Darroll Pardoe, 24 Othello Close, Hartford, Huntingdon, PE18 7SU.

SEACON 75 WINS EASTERCON BID: After the rare sight of competitive bidding, SEACON 75 was chosen on a show of hands as the next British Easter convention. A bid from Manchester was postponed till 1976 and a rumoured bid for London was abandoned. This left a bid for Bristol (led by Keith Freeman) and the SEACON 75 (South East Con) bid, organized by a variety of – mostly – London fans whilst at the convention. Despite the hastiness of conception, the South East bid won convincingly and 165 registrations for SEACON 75 had been taken by the end of the Tynecon.

Arrangements are going ahead to find a suitable site in the South East, though the net is being spread fairly wide in order to trap the best possible hotel. All further details will appear shortly – at the moment we're still recovering from the con!

BRITAIN'S FINE IN '79! The proposed British bid for the 1979 Worldcon was put forward at the Tynecon and was enthusiastically welcomed. In order to help with the bidding costs, Pete Weston, Malcolm Edwards, & myself (the present bidding committee) decided to take pre-supporting memberships at 40p ($1) a time – these can later be converted to full or supporting memberships, assuming the bid is successful.

We were, however, surprised and delighted to receive no less than 140 pre-supporting memberships at the Tynecon – it all bodes well for the future, eh? Anyway, as with the SEACON, the British Worldcon bid will issue detailed information as soon as we've unpacked.

THE TYNECON ITSELF was a long and most enjoyable convention. The hotel was good & their cooperation can be measured by the fact that the manager has joined the SEACON – and is helping in the location of an hotel for next year. A record 415 people attended with more than 500 registered members. But I suspect I'm already scooping Darroll...

See you in EggCheckpoint, farewell..!

Peter Roberts.