Checkpoint 18

C*H*E*C*K*P*O*I*N*T 18

20th June 1972

Checkpoint is a news and reviews zine published by Peter Roberts, West Town Lane, Bristol, BS4 5DZ, UK – Subs are available at 5/20p or 10/40p (2nd Class & Europe) and 6/01 (foreign airmail). Australian Agent: David Grigg, Box 100, Carlton South, Victoria 3053; US Agents: Charlie & Dena Brown, 3400 Ulloa St, San Francisco, Ca.94116; South African Agent: Nick Shears, 52 Garden Way, Northcliff 4, Johannesburg Transvaal. News this issue comes from: Peter Weston, Hartley Patterson, Nick Shears, Philip Payne, James Goddard, Gerald Bishop, and others. Restormel Press Publication: 59.

LESLEIGH WINS DUFF! The result of the Down Under Fan Fund voting to send either Andy Porter or Lesleigh Luttrell to Syncon II, the Australian National Convention this August was, as follows:

Lesleigh Luttrell 12 votes (Aus) 78 votes (US) 90 (total)
Andy Porter 11 votes (Aus) 47 votes (US) 58 (total)

Odd votes were also given to Redd Boggs, Bill Rotsler, Buck Coulson, and Bill Burns, since write-in votes were allowed, making the total number of votes cast 153 and the money raised $A.891 ($1061). Votes were received from several other countries including Great Britain. The money is easily sufficient to cover the air fare and should leave a good sum over for other expenses; the fund is still open for further contributions, however (send to John Foyster or Fred Patten).

Lesleigh will be GoH at the Syncon, incidentally. (Norstrilian News)

TIM DAVEY, SF READER: Peter Weston heard that Tim Davey, the 14 year old British boy recently sentenced to six years' imprisonment in Turkey, is keen on science fiction and sent him some books and a letter. Pete received a grateful reply, so if anyone else who cares to help cheer Tim up wants to send books or letters, please write to: Tim Davey, British Consulate General, Tepebasi Begogh, Istanbul, Turkey.

HUGOS AND THE LACoN: I now have Hugo voting ballots if anyone is interested. It'll cost you, of course... £2 is still the rate for associate membership of the Los Angeles World Convention this year and one of the perks of membership is the Hugo voting. The 4th Progress Report has arrived incidentally; membership is now 919, including 23 from Great Britain. Also available is the voting form for the 1974 Worldcon, a contest between Washington D.C. and New York. Copies of this and previous reports are available from me, if anyone wants to see a sample.

PSEUDONYMS AND SUCHLIKE: Gerald Bishop (10 Marlborough Rd, Exeter, EX2 4TJ) now bears the title of Consultant: Science Fiction for Halkett & Laing's Dictionary of Anonymous and Pseudonymous English Literature. Anyone who can help with accurate information should contact Gerald. Book News for Checkpoint should be ready in a fortnight or so, by the way.

HUGO NOMINATIONS: Deadline for ballots is August 1st.

Novel: Dragon Quest (McCaffrey)
Jack of Shadows (Zelazny)
The Lathe of Heaven (Le Guin)
A Time of Changes (Silverberg)
To Your Scattered Bodies Go (Farmer)
Magazine: Amazing
Fantasy & SF
Novella: Dread Empire (Brunner)
Fourth Profession (Niven)
A Meeting With Medusa (Clarke)
Queen of Air & Darkness (Anderson)
A Special Kind of Morning(Dozois)
Fanzine: Energumen
SF Commentary
Short: "All The Last Wars At Once" (Effinger)
"The Autumn Land" (Simak)
"The Bear With A Knot In His Tail" (Tall)
"Inconstant Moon" (Niven)
"Sky" (Lafferty)
"Vaster Than Empires And More Slow" (Le Guin)
Drama: The Andromeda Strain
A Clockwork Orange
I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus
L.A. 2017
Fan Writer: Terry Carr
Tom Digby
Susan Glicksohn
Rosemary Ullyot
Bob Vardeman
Harry Warner, Jnr.
Artist: Vincent Di Fate
Kelly Freas
Jack Gaughan
Jeff Jones
John Schoenherr
Fan Artist: Alicia Austin
Grant Canfield
Wendy Fletcher
Tim Kirk
Bill Rotsler

WEIRD TALES: Since several people have asked you may care to know that I received a 2/2 (the Gentleman's degree) in English and American Studies and the wits amongst you can thus write to me as Peter Roberts, BA. I hope to make it an MA in a year; but that's still to be arranged. // Philip Payne is leaving for a three month stay in America – he doesn't say where, so I can't warn fan groups or give an address. // London Tolkien meetings take place on the fourth Saturday of every even month at The Cock (off Euston Rd). Keith Bridges can supply a map. // Hartley Patterson tells me that Postal Diplomacy is now booming in the UK, flyers in sets sold in shops and ads in promags like Games & Puzzles; there are now five fanzines devoted to the subject and another is due from Ian Maule & Harry Bell. // The Checkpoint Fan Poll seems to be doing ok; results will appear in the 21st issue so you can probably send ballots up to July 10th. The 21st issue will be an annish of sorts and will be larger than usual with a round up of the year's activity in Britain and abroad; subscribers and renewals before the 20th CP will receive this as an ordinary issue, thereafter it will count as two. //

CoA: Charlie & Dena Brown, see colophon.

FANZINES RECEIVED: As promised last time, here's the list of fanzines that became unbalanced after the original 17th CP disappeared. Those particularly recommended are marked with an asterisk. Virtually all editors send free issues for letters of comment, contributions, and so on (newszines are, however, exceptions).

Afan (30p:A4:d). Dave Hulvey, Rt 1, Box 198 , Harrisonburg, VA.22801, USA. Fannish – (contributors) Mae Strelkov, Keller, Goodman, &c. (free)

aFricAN 1 (59pp:A4:D). Nick Shears, 52 Garden Way, Northcliff 4, J'Burg, Transvaal, South Africa. UK Agent: Lisa Conesa (see Iseult). Fannish and general (+ section on Bradbury) – Ray Bradbury, Ed Connor , &c. (20p)

Algol 17 (44p:A4:p). Andy Porter, 55 Pineapple St, Apt 3J, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201, USA. UK Agent: Ethel Lindsay (see Haverings). Sf & general – Bloch, Bangsund, Lupoff, Benford, Lowndes. Superb zine. (30p)

Alpha 9 (42p:A4:sd). Folkert Mohrhof, 2071 Hoisbüttel, Teichweg 3c, Germany. In German. Sf fiction & articles. (DM 1.20) ) .

Binary 12 (15p:A4:d). Joe Patrizio, 7 Oakwood Rd, Bricket Wood, St. Albans, Herts. Sf & fannish – William Temple, Gray Boak (free)

Canticles From Labowitz 8 (36p:A4:d). Gary Labowitz, PO Box 15727, Philadelphia, Pa.19103, USA. Fiction – Schweitzer, Gardner &c. (50¢)

Chao 7 (50p:¼o:d). John Alderson, Havelock, Victoria 3465, Australia. Sf & general – Jack Wodhams, Mae Strelkov, &c. (40¢ or 20p)

*Cipher 6 (20p:A4:d). Chris Couch, Route 2 Box 889, Arnold, Missouri 63010, USA. Faanish – Greg Shaw, Sanvito. (35¢ – LoC preferred)

Cowboy Angel 1 (20p:A4:d). Doug Carroll, 407 College Av, Columbia, Mo. 65201, USA. General – Terry Hughes, Turner, Stooker, &c. (25¢)

Cypher 7 (68p:A4:d). James Goddard & Mike Sandow, Woodlands Lodge, Woodland, Southampton, Hants. Sf – Harbottle, Pringle, Jeeves. (15p)

Fanews 43/7 (55p:A4:sd).
Fanews 48 (6pp).
Fanews 49 (6pp).
Fanews 51 (6pp).
Fanews 52 (6pp).
Uwe Sitzenstock, 3321 Salzgitter-Ohlendorf, Gertenweg 2, Germany. In German. Sf and fan news. (DM 3.70 – foreign subs). The 50th issue will be a special one.

Fanzine Field Report 1 (11p:A4:d). Gary Labowitz (see Canticles). A listing of fmz requiring material + sundry statistics, &c. (free?)

Forthcoming SF Books 7 (4p:A4:d). Joanne Burger, 55 Blue Bonnet Ct, Lake Jackson; Texas 77566, USA. List of US Books till June. ($1/3 air)

Gegenschein 4 (22p:¼o:d). Eric Lindsay, 6 Hillcrest Av, Faulconbridge, NSW 2776 Australia. General – Dillon &c. (35¢ or 15p)

Gegenschein 5 (45p). UK Agent: James Goddard (sea Cypher).

Gothique Era (21p:A4:d). Keith Walker, c/o 25 Selby Rd, Speedwell, Bristol, BS5 7SN. Horror – David Sutton, &c. (free)

Haverings 52 (8p:¼o:d). Ethel Lindsay, 6 Langley Av, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 6QL. Fanzines received + comments. (misnumbered 51). (10p)

Hell 4 (38p:¼o:d). Brian Robinson & Paul Skelton, 9 Linwood Grove, Manchester, M12 4QH. General – Mike Meara, Seale. (free?)

Idiocy Couchant 1 (10p:¼o & A4:d). ½R Cruttenden, Idiocy Couchant, 11 Heath Lodge Site, Welwyn, Herts. General – Gray Boak. (10p)

Iseult 1 (44p:¼o:d). Lisa Conesa. 54. Manley Rd , Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 8HP. General – Archie Mercer. Mary Legg, &c. (15p)

*Locus 109 (8p:A4:d).
*Locus 110
*Locus 111
*Locus 112
*Locus 113
Charlie & Dena Brown (see CoA's column). Sf news. British Agent: Malcolm Edwards, 75a Harrow View, Harrow, Middx. (£1.50 for 10 – airmail)

*Macrocosm 2 (48p:A4:d). Rob Holdstock, 15 Highbury Grange, London N5. Mainly fiction – Hatch, Marsh, Stephenson, Kettle, &c. (15p)

Madrgal 1 (15p:¼o:d). Steve Carrigan, 158 Sutton Common Rd, Surrey. General – Rev. Leonard Rivett, &c. (free?)

Mallorn 5 (27p:fscp:d). Keith Bridges, 31 Great Dell, Welwyn Garden City, Herts. Tolkien Society – articles, &c (Free? TS is £1 p.a.)

*Metanoia 8 (25p:A4:d). Greg Shaw, 64. Taylor Dr, Fairfax, Calif.94930 USA. Faanish – Carr/Willis, John D. Berry, &c. Fine zine. (free)

Moebius Trip 12 (50p:A4:d). Ed Connor, 1805 N.Gale, Peoria, Ill.61604, USA. General – Walker, McCormack, Glyer, &c. (50¢)

*Mota 4 (26p:A4:d). Terry Hughes, 407 College Av, Columbia. M0.65201, USA. Faanish & general – Ray Nelson, Luttrells, &c. (25¢ – LoC pref)

*MRU 123 (36p:A4:sd). Waldemar Kumming, 8 München 2, Herzogspitalstr.5, Germany. In German. General – Arthur Clarke, Petri, &c. (DM 1)

Niflheim (2p:A4:d). Hartley Patterson, Cambridge Rd, Beaconsfield, Bucks. Introduction to Postal Diplomacy in general. (free)

OSFiCOMM 2/10 (4p:1/8o p). Gordon Van Toen, 74/2 Castlebury Crescent, Willowdale, Ontario, Canada. Ontario Sf Club newszine. (free? $4 pa)

Osfic Quarterly 1 (23p:A4:p). John Douglass & Gordon Van Toen (as above) General – Mike Glicksohn, Susan Glicksohn, Taylor, 4 PC &c. (50¢)

*Outworlds 3/2 (23p:A4:d). Bill Bowers, PO Box 87, Barberton, Ohio 44203, USA. General – Piers Anthony, Ted Pauls. Excellent zine. (60¢ or 20p)

*Outworlds 3/3 (d+p). UK Agent: Terry Jeeves, 230 Bannerdale Rd, Sheffield, Sheffield, S11 9FE. – Poul Andersen, John Brunner, Benford, &c.

Parallax 5 (30p:A4:sd). Julien Raasveld, Steynsfraat 5, B-2710 Hoboken, Belgium. In English. General – Bertin, &c. (50¢ o.n.o.)

Parallax 6 (22p) – Mike Moorcock, John Piggott, &c.

Paranoid 1 (13p:¼o:d). Ian Maule, 59 Windsor Tce, South Gosforth, Newcastle on Tyne, NE3 1YL. General – Bryn Fortey, John Hall, &c. (free)

Placebo 2 (42p:A4:d). Barry Smotroff & Moshe Feder, 147-55 71st Rd, Flushing, N.Y. 11367, USA. General – Will Straw, &c. (35¢)

*Potlatch 8 (22p:A4:d). Joyce Katz, 59 Livingston St, Apt 6-B, Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA. Faanish – Carr/Bjo, Tucker, Kunkel, &c. Good fmz. (35¢)

Pozitron 71/3 (64p:1/8o:p). Arpad Toth, Tudomanyos Fantasztikus Klub, Budapest XI, Bocksai ut 37, Hungary. In Hungarian. Sf. (Free?)

Rataplan 7 (22p:¼o:d). Leigh Edmonds, PO Box 74, Balaclava, Victoria 3183, Australia. General – Lesleigh Luttrell, Bucklin, &c. (Free).

Rataplan 8 (22p). – Bangsund, Gillespie, Gillam Lesleigh Luttrell.

Robot Blues 1 (7p:A4:d). Terry Hughes (see Mota) Fannish. (Free)

Scottishe 61 (22p:¼o:d). Ethel Lindsay (see Haverings). General – andy offutt, Archie Mercer, &c. (15p)

SF Arena 2 (5p:¼o:d). Ian Williams, 6 Greta Tce, Chester Rd, Sunderland, Co.Durham, SR4 7RD. SF Book Reviews. (Free)

*SF Times 127 (100p:1/8o:p). Hans Joachim Alpers, 2850 Bremerhaven 1, Weissenburger Strasse 6, Germany. In German. Sf news, reviews, &c. (DM3)

Son Of The WSFA Journal 30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41 (av.10p:A4:d) It would look impressive if I typed them in a column; but I'm tiring fast, I fear. Don Miller, 12315 Judson Rd, Wheaten, Md.20906, USA. News and reviews. UK Agent: Brian Robinson (see Hell). (12/70p)

Starworlds 1 (34p:A4:d). Verne O'Brian, c/o 1320 Arthur Av, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101. USA. Sf, articles & fiction – Laney, &c. (30¢)

Symbiosis 1 (2p:A4:d). Keith Walker, c/o South Newlands, Bradworthy, Holsworthy, Devon. Conrep + notes on BSFA/BWFS. (Free)

*Fanarchist 7 (26p:¼o:d). Dave Grigg, PO Box 100, Carlton South, Victoria 3053. Australia. UK Agent: me. Fannish & general. (5/50p)

The Mentor 22 (52:¼o:d). Ron Clarke, 78 Redgrave Rd, Normanhurst, NSW 2076, Australia. UK Agent: me. Fiction & general – Chandler, &c. (5/£1)

The Penultimate Blimp 1 (14p:¼o:d). Ron Clarke (as above). Fannish.(free)

The Turning Worm 1 (4p:fscp:d). John Piggott, 17 Monmouth Rd, Oxford, OX1 4TD. Discussion on fandom & fanzines. (5p)

*The WSFA Journal 78 (48p:A4:d), Don Miller (see Son of WSFAJ). UK Agent: Brian Robinson (see Hell). Sf & general – Moskowitz, Warner, &c. (50¢)

Viewpoint 7 (22p:fscp:d). Fred Hemmings, 20 Beech Rd, Slough, SL3 7DQ, Bucks. Sf & general – Chris Priest, Vernon Brown, &c. (12p)

War Bulletin 30 (6p:A4:d). Hartley Patterson (see Niflheim). Postal Diplomacy magazine. (sample free?)

74 fanzines received: the moral? I should publish more regularly and without eight week gaps. Heigh ho. Thanks to all faneds, nonetheless.

FANZINE CLEARANCE: Yet more fanzines that I'm offering for exchange or sale. I'm particularly anxious to acquire Skyrack 1,2,7,8,9,19,20,21,22,29,50,91,& 95. Send details of any fmz you want to exchange, please – preference given to exchangers, otherwise first come, first served, as usual.

Skyrack 5,4,65,87,64,80,77,49,48,46,45,36,23,89,74,85@ 4p ea. 4M 3: 5p. Pozitron 71/1,2,3. @5p each. Shadow 5,14 @ 10p each. Hannes Bok Illo Index @ 15p. Son of WSFAJ 1 to 41: 50p. Amseph 1: 5p Focus (1956) 2,3,5,8 @ 8p each. Kiwifan (1957) 7,8 @ 8p each. Cypher 6,7 @ 8p each. Canticles from Labowitz 8 @ 8p. Chao 5,6,7 @ 5p ea. Albion 23,26,28,29,31,32,33 @ 5p each. Moebius Trip 9,10,11 @ 8p each.

Postage is included in all above – Take 2p off each fanzine if you order more than five (ie. 5 Skyracks, for example, cost 10p, not 20p). 1p = 3¢

FANZINE NEWS: Pete Boston's Speculation should be posted out much the same time as this Checkpoint if all goes well. It is at least partially duplicated and a collating session is planned. // Phil Muldowney appears to have gafiated (pressure of work) and Andrew Stephenson is now coeditor of Zimri (with Lisa Conesa).

WANTED: James Goddard (Woodlands Lodge, Woodlands, Southampton) urgently requires a copy of The Birth of the Gods by Dmitri Merezhkovskii published in London by Dent in 1925. "I'm trying to get this for Leon Stover who wants it for research into his new novel. If anyone has a copy, or can get a copy, I'd be grateful."

___ Last issue, if crossed. Rates on page one.

___ Your sub expires at this issue; please try and renew in advance.

SARF EFRICAN NEWS: (Nick Shears) Sarf Efrican femmefan, Theresa Jackson, was involved in the recent student protests at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg and received minor injuries when beaten with a wooden truncheon. // Trevor Watkins is travelling in Europe and the U.K., meeting fans and attending conventions when possible. // S.A.'s first convention will be held next year; it'll be run by the SFSA and may be in Durban, though that remains undecided. // Simon & Mary Scott recently returned from Rhodesia, having changed their minds about emigrating there, and report that they failed to contact SF-Alpha, the Rhodesian club, which has been silent for some time. // Star Trek and similar tv programmes are apparently popular as supporting shorts for full-length films; South Africa has no tv, of course. // Bernie Ackerman is publishing a Diplomacy fanzine, The Foreign Office Journal, and wargaming fans seem quite active. // Entropion has now been consigned to ANZAPA, leaving aFricAN as the only genzine in South Africa.

MORE WEIRD TALES: Erg 40 will, says Terry Jeeves, be a "minor annish"; Terry, incidentally, has just bought a new Opel Kadette. // Hartley Patterson reports a new game from Waddington's, called 4000 AD: "It's a space war game using a three-dimensional board, and the designers have evidently swotted up on their sf. It's my belief it would make an excellent postal game."

ART ORBITER: Peter Colley (2 Bristol Av, Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 3NU) is starting a round robin for artists in Britain: "If you are an artist," says Pete, "and would like criticism of your work by other artists, join Art Orbiter: you criticize other artists' work and they in turn criticize yours." There will be no membership fee and minimum activity requirements are four sides of quarto 'per orbit' (five or six times a year). Anyone interested in taking part should write to Pete.


Peter Roberts
87 West Town Lane
Bristol, BS4 5DZ
United Kingdom

Please return if undelivered