Checkpoint 17

C*H*E*C*K*P*O*I*N*T 17

9th June 1972

Checkpoint is a news and reviews zine published by Peter Roberts, 87 West Town Lane, Bristol, BS4 5DZ, UK. Subs are available at 5/20p or 10/40p (2nd Class & Europe) and 6/$1 (foreign: airmail). Australian Agent: David Grigg, Box 100, Carlton South, Victoria 3053. US Agents: Charlie & Dena Brown (new address unknown as yet). South African Agent: Nick Shears, 52 Garden Way, Northcliff 4. Johannesburg, Transvaal. Restormel Press Publication: 57.

SNAFU: Chaos reigns as usual. The original Checkpoint 17 has been lost, whether in the post or not I don't yet know. It was typed out a week or so after the Chester convention and contained a conrep as well as notice of Ted Carnell's death; not as much as a carbon remains and thus I am confused as to just what was printed in the missing issue. If it turns up, I'll extract the information therein, of course. This, incidentally, is the third time a Restormel Publication has disappeared, though I did have one or two copies of the others at least.

As a result of this my apologies for a period of fafia were not circulated in advance. I've now finished my Finals and am busy on the ancient fanac trail again – Egg 6 is on stencil and partly duplicated. Checkpoint will, I trust, return to some sort of regularity as soon as possible.

Please note that my Bristol address is replacing the Keele one which is now dead; I'd be grateful if faneds who've used this now note the return to Bristol as a CoA. Ta. I may, however, be at my Keele flat until August, so potential visitors should write first... David Grigg has a new address and the Browns were last heard of when in the process of moving. Nick Shears is the new S.A. agent and not just in name either since Checkpoint now has four South African subscribers (to whom welcome). Heigh ho.

OLDE NEWS: This issue is so late that I've had the Nebula Award results for some weeks, even though I haven't yet printed the nominations... Here are the SFWA awards, anyway:

Novel: 1) A Time of Changes (Silverberg)
2) The Lathe of Heaven (Le Guin)
3) The Devil Is Dead (Lafferty)
4) Margaret And I (Wilhelm)
5) The Byworlder (Anderson)
6) Half Past Human (Bass)
Novelette: 1) Queen of Air and Darkness (Anderson)
2) Mount Charity (Pangborn)
3) Poor Man, Beggar Man (Russ)
4=) A Special Kind of Morning (Dozois)
4=) The Encounter (Wilhelm)
Novella: 1) "The Missing Man" (McLean)
2) "The Infinity Box" (Wilhelm)
3) "Being There" (Kosinski)
4) "The God House" (Roberts)
5) "The Plastic Abyss" (Wilhelm)
Short Story: 1) "Good News From the Vatican" (Silverberg)
2) "The Last Ghost" (Goldin)
3) "Horse of Air" (Dozois)
4) "Heathen God" (Zebrowski)

SPECULATION CONFERENCE: A flier is enclosed with details of this annual sercon event. I shall attempt to be there, as per last year. There is also a Brum Group meeting on the previous night (Friday, 23rd June) at the Imperial Hotel where speakers and attending fans will be staying. If you want to stay there that night write to: Mr.M.Scott, Manager, Imperial Centre Hotel, Temple St, Birmingham 3 and mention the conference.

EASTERCON 72 REPORT: (David Grigg) "Eastercon 72 could have been called Australia's first hotel convention (unless you like to count the 71 Easterminicon which was held entirely at the bar of a pub) and as such was an interesting experiment. The Savoy Plaza is an old and distinguished hotel with real lift operators instead of that old-fashioned push-button idea; it has, however, been extensively modernized. The convention floor was a vast space of which we only used a third most of the time, although another part was opened up when there was multi-programming.

Generally things were good with the first real room parties occurring and lots of crazy things happening on the programme: the Elizabeth Foyster Half-Hour, for example; Lee Harding talking about selling UFO books to hippies; John Foyster talking about Old Polyps, occasionally the pulps too; Robin Johnson as God in The Paul Stevens Show; Lee Harding as Buck Rogers in the first live radio episode seen in the round; and...

And a rotten banquet (but a good counter meal in the bar in the basement). Ron Smith (who, according to a recent Locus report, "recently surfaced in Melbourne" after being here for ten years!) gave a Guest of Honour speech on the new range of pornographic books he intends to publish and what it was like to sleep with Harlan Ellison.

I didn't get much sleep during the convention, all things considered; there were all-night films and all-night listenings to Ron Smith and all-day talkings with lots of odd people. At once stage I drove 20 miles to go to bed, not being a resident of the con; but I'll live.

Eastercon 72 was good; but remember that this is only a regional con – the real Australian convention is in Sydney in August. We are planning to charter a Melbourne tram to get there... I suggest British fans capture a cross-channel hovercraft and go there too, because the way things are going here ... wow!"

PETE & EILEEN WESTON: "Born yesterday (Tuesday) a daughter. Mother and baby doing well." Congratulations – sorry I've lost the date, though! // Pete is also busy with a Speculation photo page from the Chestercon. Mike Meara's been printing photos and I've supplied him with some of the pictures.

CoAs: Peter Roberts (see colophon)
David Grigg (likewise)
Ray Denton, 39 Ellis St, Brinsworth, Rotherham, S60 5DH.
Gary Labowitz, Box 15727, Philadelphia, Pa.19103, USA.
Elliot Shorter, Box 309, Bronx, NY.104689 USA.
David Sutton, 194 Station Rd, King's Heath, Birmingham, 14.


The third SPECULATION Conference will be held this year on Saturday 24th June at the University of Birmingham.

Chairing the meeting this time will be Philip Strick, well-known lecturer on science fiction for London's City Literary Institute. He will introduce three other speakers:

EDMUND COOPER, author of nine SF novels including 'All Fools Day', 'Seahorse in the Sky' and 'Son of Kronk'. Occasional critic for the Sunday Times on science fiction matters, he will speak on 'Violence in SF'.

JOHN SLADEK, prolific short-story writer for New Worlds, author of THE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM, and currently preparing a survey of off-beat scientific theorists. He will speak on the subject of 'Science Fiction & Pseudo-Science'.

GEOFF DOHERTY – Science fiction critic and fan, author of a book on SF for schools. He will talk on the theme of 'Science Fiction – Does it Have A Future?'

There will also be panel discussions and opportunities for audience participation. Lunch arrangements are being made by the University at moderate cost.

Do support Britain's own 'academic' conference on science fiction by registering now. Tickets are 70p each, or half-price to full-time students. Applications should be addressed to:- 'Speculation III', c/o Extra-mural Department, BMI, Margaret Street, Birmingham 3.

The conference itself will take place at the School of Education building on the University's Edgbaston campus.

Further information on request from:- Peter Weston 31 Pinewall Avenue, Kings Norton, Birmingham 30, 021-459 1573

- – - – - – - – - – - – TEAR OFF – - – - – - – - – - – - -

"Please send me ticket(s) for the SPECULATION-III Conference on June 24th. I enclose the sum of £___, being payment at the rate of 70p per ticket."
NAME: _________________________________________
ADDRESS: _____________________________________
Return to "Spec.-III", Extra-Mural Dept, BMI, Margaret St, B.3.

FANZINE CLEARANCE: The following fanzines are offered for exchange, or, failing that, sale. I'm, looking for a number of oddments as well as complete runs of certain titles (I'd particularly like Ape 12 & 16, Phile 6, one or two Focal Points, and many issues of Locus). Please write first if you've anything to exchange – preference will be given to exchangers, otherwise first come, first served.

Crabapple 1,2,7,8,9,10 @ 8p each. Alien/Alien Worlds 1-16 complete:£1

Oz 3,5,7 @ 5p each. Nadir 4 @ 5p (all except for last 'pro' ish)

Erg 13,14,15,25,34 @ 5p each. Cynic 2 @ 5p

Cypher 1,2,3,4,5 @ 8p each.

Vector 1,2,3,4,5 @ 15p each. 8,10,11,12 @ 10p each. 17,18,19,20,21,22, 23, 28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,43,44,45,46 @ 8p each (will exchange for issues after 55: one for one basis) – forgotten:39 in last list too.

4M 1,2 @ 5p each. The Magazine Collector (1953) 2 @ 5p. Plinth 3 @ 5p

Seagull 1,3,4,5,8 @ 5p each. Nightmare 1 @ 5p. The New Futurian 8 @ 8p

Link 3, 4,5,8 @ 5p each Linklox @ 5p Seminar 1,2 @ 5p each.

European Newsbulletin/Link 1-5: 10p. Shades of Evil 4 @ 5p

OMPAzines assorted: (pre-1967) @ 40pages for 5p. new (post-67) ditto. (I'll try and sort out anything particularly wanted – some mailings are virtually complete, incidentally)

Luna Monthly 16,19,20 @ 5p each. Habakkuk II/2 @ 18p. Asmodeus 3 @ 8p

Moebius Trip 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 @ 8 each. Cry 145,146,148 @ 15p each (I am looking for issues of Cry, particularly 135 & 147). Restormel Pubs (last chance for defunct titles – back issues of everything except Mor-farch, Egg, & Checkpoint will soon be consigned to the pile of duplicating crud-sheets – ploughed back in, as it were...)

Tykky-dew 4 @ 4p (articles by Ed Reed & Bryn Fortey). Rest are mostly apazines, mostly mailing comments (OMPA,APA-45,&ANZAPA), and all 3p e. Hybyn-bubyn 1,2. Cronogas-du 1. 30% Bran 1,5,7,8. Express Toad 2,3.

Scribendi Cacoethes 1,2. OO of the 1972 Despair Brigade 1.

Finally assorted crudzines (SFN, OSFAN, &c) for the price of postage.

Postage is included in all above – Take 2p off each fanzine if you order more then five (ie 5 'late' Vectors, for example, cost 30p, not 40p)

Peter Roberts, 87 West Town Lane, Bristol, BS4 5DZ

PS: Anyone fearing for my fanzine collection (and there may be some that might) should know that many of the above are duplicates... Americans: dollar bills are acceptable (very, in fact). 1p = 3¢.

PPS: A few more: Riverside Quarterly 3/4,4/3,4/4,5/1. @ 10p each. Iceni 3,4,5 @ 5p each. Shadow 13 @ 8p. Heckmeck 20,24 @ 5p each. Canticles From Labowitz 7 @ 8p. Hugin and Munin 7 @ 10p Love 3,4: 5p.

FANZINES RECEIVED: More chaos, I'm, afraid, as the lost issue's listing was not recorded. I'll try and sort out what's been received since Checkpoint 16 by the l9th issue. These are one or two that have arrived since I've been in Bristol.

Antares News 1 (18pp:A4:d) Sezar Ergin, Bakanliklar, PO Box 56, Ankara (G-10), Turkey. In English & Turkish. Newszine.

The Middle Earthworm 17 (20pp:A4:d). Archie Mercer, 21 Trenethick Parc, Helston, Cornwall. Tolkien letterzine. (free).

*The Turning Worm 2 (38pp:A4:d). John Piggott, 17 Monmouth Rd, Oxford, OX1 4TD. Letterzine + conrep & fmz; rvws. (40p or $1 - LoC preferred)

FANZINE NEWS: Ron Clarke is "freezing subs" for The Mentor – "I'm saving for the Toronto Worldcon in '73 and the $45 per ish is too much per quarter, I figure." Wombat will continue irregularly, however, and Ron will presumably return to TM in a year or so. // Dick Geis is starting a new, personal zine. // The first part of Ray Denton's quarterly Fmz Directory will now appear in Sting; the response, predictably, wasn't was it might have been.

TURKISH NEWS: Turkish Fandom Lives! A convention, Ancon 71, was held in Ankara last December, though only two people turned up out of a dozen potential attendees. The Turkish SF club, SFFC, is well-supported however, and is now looking for foreign members. Forms are available from Sezar Ergin at the address above (in the fmz list) and membership (10 International Reply Coupons p.a.) entitles you to the newszine and the journal, Antares, as well as perks like free Turkish comics. There are a number of Turkish fen looking for correspondents in English, incidentally.

POLISH FANDOM? An unexpected letter has arrived from Edward Kuffel, Rumia, ul.Sabata 7. woj.gdanskie, Poland, He's looking for SF correspondents, primarily in Britain, and would like to receive books and magazines in exchange (where possible for stamps &c). He writes good English, too.

BOOK NEWS: I haven't heard from Gerald Bishop recently and, if I recall correctly, he's plagued by exams and suchlike. I hope his column will return to Checkpoint within a couple of issues.

BRUM GROUP: Programme evenings are held at the Imperial Centre Hotel on the third Friday of every month, whilst informal gatherings occur on the first Friday. Things usually start around 8pm. On the 16th June there's an Isaac Asimov film and on the 21st July Tom Shippey, of the English Dept. in Birmingham University, is talking about plot themes in sf.

Anyone wanting to join the Group (a regular newsletter is sent out) should send 50p to Geoff Winterman, 509 Jockey Rd, Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield.

OMPACON: I've received details of proposals for next year's British Eastercon. However, most of it is DNQ at the moment whilst contacts are being made and guests invited. More news later, doubtless.

GOING TO THE TORCON? (Pete Weston, 31 Pinewall Av, Kings Norton, Birmingham 30.) "For years I've wanted to see a full-scale Worldcon and now I've decided to do something about it; I want to go to Torcon II in 1973. It would, however, certainly be cheaper if some sort of reduced-rate 'package' flight could be arranged. This is where you come in. As European representative for Torcon II I'm selling memberships in the convention with the hope that sufficient numbers will be interested in making the trip with me (I'm definitely going – one way or the other!).

So – here's the plan. Register now for the con, and then in six months' time we'll try to present a proposal of costs, &c. Any trip planned will obviously include a stay of two weeks or so in the U.S. or Canada. If you are at all interested, send me your money now (£1.20) which gives you membership, Hugo nomination and vote, Programme Booklet, and Progress Reports – even if you don't actually attend.

We already have about six people who seem serious about this; another six will mean success. Torcon II will be held 1st-3rd Sept. 1973 at the Royal York Hotel, Toronto. GoH is Robert Bloch. Fan GoH is William Rotsler. Costs? I just don't know at this stage; but with air fare, hotels, eating and drinking money, don't expect to spend less than £100. But that's only £1 per week between now and then..."

Peter Weston.

NOTES: Despite the delay with this issue, I don't seem to have much in the way of news. Perhaps everyone assumed that my period of fafia was the equivalent of a death-knell for Checkpoint? I'd like to continue this newszine, however, so please send along any information you might come across. Checkpoint is free to suppliers of news, of course.


Peter Roberts
87 West Town Lane
Bristol, BS4 5DZ
United Kingdom.