Checkpoint 98

Dave Rowe cartoon

Checkpoint 98 (June/July 1979) is produced by Peter Roberts, 38 Oakland Drive, Dawlish, Devon, UK. Available for trade, news, or cash – 10p or one international reply coupon for the last issue. Cartoon by Dave Rowe. Restormel Publication: 145.

JOHN FOYSTER WINS GUFF: John Foyster won the race to bring an Australian fan over to the Brighton Seacon by a simple majority of votes. Final results are:

UK & USA Australia Total
John Alderson 6 38 44
John Foyster 8 57 65
Eric Lindsay 9 9 18
(Hold Over Funds) 0 1 1

The full details and list of voters are published in Dave Langford's Northern Guffblower. The fund itself seems in pretty good shape with Dave holding £310 and Leigh Edmonds holding $A1080. Look forward to seeing John in August.

DOUBLE DUFF WINNERS: Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, Ken Fletcher & Linda Lounsbury have won DUFF, the fund to send an American fan over to an Australian convention. Two winners has caused something of a problem with funds, but more cash is being raised, so I assume the trip will be made. (from DNQ).

AND TAFF, ALREADY seems to have two probable candidates in the shape of Jim Barker and the ubiquitous Dave Langford. Nominations will officially be opening in the Autumn, so if you have your eye on any other possible candidates, now's the time to give them a nudge and start sounding them out.

WALT GILLINGS DEAD: Walt Gillings, well-known British fan from the earliest days, died suddenly of a heart attack at the end of July. He was 67. Walter formed the Ilford Science Literary Circle, possibly the first sf club in Britain, back in 1930 and later published one of the earliest British fanzines, the neatly produced Scientifiction, in 1937. Later the same year he became editor of the prozine, Tales Of Wonder. After the war his sf activity decreased, though he remained in contact and produced a short-lived magazine in the sixties. A fan fund was recently organized to take him to an American convention.

WOOF: If you haven't heard of it, Woof is the annual apa that's collated and distributed at worldcons. Bruce Pelz is the man in charge and if you're interested enough to produce a Woofzine you should make sure that Bruce gets 300 copies of your contribution to the apa by the Saturday of Seacon – and he won't be carrying contributions across the Atlantic, incidentally, so if you're not coming you'll have to make Other Arrangements to meet the Woof deadline.

ANOTHER BLOODY FANZINE: And that's the title too; it's a new fanzine planned by Joseph Nicholas and Alan Dorey that should be available at Seacon. A publicity flyer, scourging the current state of fandom and promising "gouts of steaming arterial blood spurting from any number of intellectually impoverished nerds in the first issue", was circulated recently, but Joseph Nicholas denies all knowledge of it. Like the redoubtable Mr Pooter he offers some small sum "to know just who it was". He also notes that "the supposed parody of my style wasn't very good – Christ, there were even two words in the flyer that I didn't know!" Gosh.

MEANWHILE, IAN MAULE (and Joseph too, for that matter) wants it made clear that Rob Jackson isn't involved in the By British fanzine anthology as suggested in the last issue. The fanthology in fact progresses, with the pages (80) all on stencil and the giant-armed Ian looking forward to duplicating 250 copies. Twelve articles are included, plus several fillers, illustrations, and a survey of fanzines. Price will be £1 with profits split between TAFF and GUFF.

EUROCON CORRECTION: a letter just arrived from Ernesto Vegetti notes that the $14 fee is for con membership and not for submitting a European fanzine for judgement as I've suggested elsewhere this issue. The fault lies in an ambiguous flyer, but in fact the first progress report is now out, so all should be well. Checkpoint – the fanzine of instant about turns...

WEIRD TALES: John Barry, the British film designer who worked on Star Wars, Superman, A Clockwork Orange, and other major films died on June 1st. // The musical comedy version of Flowers For Algernon, starring Michael Crawford, turned out to be a dramatic flop and folded after only seven days; apparently people thought that a musical comedy about a mentally retarded man didn't sound like an evening of fun & laughs. // Virgin Records are setting up an sf publishing line; Maxim Jakubowski is in charge. // Chris Atkinson and Malcolm Edwards are getting married on Sep 22nd: congratulations and things.

Nick Shears, 2 Jennifer Ct, 92 The Street, Ashtead, Surrey, KT21 1AW
Suzle Tompkins & Jerry Kaufman, 4326 Winslow Place North, Seattle, WA 98103

SEACON STUFF: Let's see – lots of oddments here. Current membership is 3874, God help us; accommodation must be pretty difficult by now, though Ron Bennett sends a note suggesting The Touring Hotel (216 Preston Rd, Brighton – 0273-507853) and includes a quotation from the manager, Martin Fairley, who says: "Being an sf addict myself, I would certainly welcome the company of others enjoying the same complaint," which can't be bad.

Jim Barker points out that Seacon is not in Glasgow, as apparently the BSFA's Matrix suggests. Glad you have that much confidence in the committee, Jim.

Graham England will be organizing the convention newssheet. Though we've dissuaded him from litho covers, he's still got great plans for the thing and has, indeed, already produced a first issue as a trial. My admiration knows no bounds.

I think Eve and I are ok for still photographs now, but I'm still hunting after slides of the 1957 & 1965 worldcons and also films of the same (the two previous British worldcons) as well as other fannish films, particularly from British conventions. If you think you can help, please drop me a line as quickly as possible.

1981 BIDDING: There hasn't exactly been a flood of promotional publicity pouring into Checkpoint's letterbox, but what I do have is a letter from Gary Farber, noting that he's resigned from the Seattle in '81 bid, along with Ross Pavlac, Anna Vargo, Larry Smith, Stu Shiffman, Jack McGillis, and Loren MacGregor (though Loren's only partly resigned, I think). Gary suspects that the bid is now in a bad way, partly because of inadequate facilities and partly because of lack of experience and lack of knowledge – "The committee (with two exceptions) is from a group which knows nothing of fandom – never heard of Harry Warner, never heard of Baycon, LACon, Lunacon, or even a goddam Westercon, much less a Walt Willis, Roscoe, the N3F, or even Mike Glicksohn..." Sounds grim. Gary recommends Denver and asks what British voters' estimation is at the moment. I suspect the answer to that is, what British voters? It seems to me pretty foolish to support any particular West Coast bid unless you're well-informed and actively involved – in any event I've not heard of any British fans voicing any opinion on the 1981 bid so far. LA has the best parties, mind. We'll see what happens at Seacon.

OTHER DAYS, OTHER CONS: Latest news release from the 1980 Worldcon, Noreascon Two, puts current membership at 2000+. The first two progress reports are out and the new rates are now $30 attending, $8 supporting. Noreascon Two's address is: PO Box 46, MIT Branch Office, Cambridge, MA 02139; and the UK Agent is Andrew Stephenson. The fourth issue of Voice Of The Lobster, Noreascon's fanzine of conventional discussion has also arrived – worthwhile examining if you're interested or involved with conventions, particularly future worldcon bidding. // Jim Barker, meanwhile, has sent along a Faircon 79 flyer which confirms that the con will be at the Ingram Hotel, Glasgow, as suggested in the last Checkpoint. It also confirms the date of July 20th-22nd, which means that you've missed it. Oh well. // Finally, Ernesto Vegetti invites European faneditors to enter the "Best European Fanzine" prize competition, organized by the 5th Eurocon to be held in Stresa, Italy (1st-4th May, 1980). All you've got to do is publish a special issue, "bilingual at least", and submit it for judgement, enclosing your $14 entry fee. Don't all rush...

FANZINES FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE: A recent clearout has revealed a surprising number of duplicates; they're offered primarily for exchange (for similar material – send me a list first & we'll come to some arrangement), but for reasons of space I'm willing to sell them. Cash with order, please – no foreign cheques – in sterling or US dollar bills. Please list alternatives in case what you want has been sold. Items marked with an asterisk – for sale only, proceeds (less post) going to TAFF. Thanks to Malcolm Edwards & Archie Mercer for some of these. 20% off orders over £3 ($6); think that's it. Prices inc. postage.

*Ashwing (Denton, 1973-7) 12-14, 15-17 (bound in 3s) @ 85p($2) per set; 18-19 (bound together) @ 55p($1.40); 20,21,22 @ 30p(75¢) each.

*Profanity (Pelz, 1975-7) 8-13 @ 20p(50¢) each.

Axe (Larry & Noreen Shaw, 1961) 1-10 @ £2.50($6.50) the set.

Algol (Porter, 1972-3) 19 & 21 @ 60p($1.50) each.

Fiawol (Katzes, 1972) 1-3 @ 40p($1) set.

Null-F (Ted White, 1955) OMPA 1 @ 40p($1) and 3 @ 75p($2).

*Maybe (Koch, 1972-4) 20,21,22,24,26,28,32,38 @ 15p(25¢) each.

*Green Egg (Zell, Williams, 1972-6) 48,67-77 @ 20p(50¢) each.

*Wild Fennel (Palmer, 1976-8) 12/13, 14, 15 @30p(75¢) each.

*Dynatron (Tackett, 1974-5) 57-63 @ 15p(30¢) each.

Shangri L'Affaires (Lasfs, 1959-68) 41,42,43,49,51,53-63 @ 40p($1) each; 75 @ 75p($2).

Egoboo (Berry & White, 1970-2) 9,11,12,16 @ 30p(75¢) each.

Niekas (Meskys & Rolfe, 1965) 12 @ 75p($2).

Xero (Lupoff & Stewart, 1963) 10 @ £1.25($4).

Beardmutterings (rich brown, 1972) 2 @ 40p($1).

Grue (Grennell, 1954-7) 21-25,27-29 @ 60p($1.75) each.

Savoyard (Pelz, 1962-65) 8,9,12 @ 15p(30¢) each.

Speleobem (Pelz, 1962) 16 @ 15p(30¢).

The LASFS Picnic (one-shot, Niven, &c, 1968?) @ 20p(50¢)

*Personal Notes (Harter, 1975-6) 5 @ 15p(30¢); 6,7 @ 30p(75¢) each.

Salamander (Patten, 1962) 2 @ 20p(50¢).

*Instant Message (NESFA, 1973-8) many unopened, assorted @ 25p(45¢) per ½lb.

*Norman Metcalf fanzines – assorted @25p(45¢) for about ½lb weight.

Cry (Busby & Weber, 1960-2) 136,140,145,146,150,152,153,154,160,163 @ 50p($1.20) each.

Sf Review (Geis, 1970) 38 @ 50p($1.20).

*Skug (Mattingly, 1978) 3 @ 30p(75¢).

Fantastic Worlds (Sackett, 1955) 8 @ 30p(75¢).

Fantasy Advertiser (Willmorth, 1946-52) 2,5/1,5/4,4/5,6/1 @ 30p(75¢) each.

The National Fantasy Fan – various from 1949, also committee magazines, &c, @ 3 for 30p(70¢) or 50p($1.20) per ½lb.

*Delta Psi (MacDonald, 1977) 1 @ 30p(75¢).

Australian Sf Review (Bangsund, 1966-7) 1,2,4-12 @ 40p($1) each.

Sf Commentary (Gillespie, 1969-71) 7,20-22 @ 40p($1) each.

Australian Sf Monthly (Bangsund, 1970) 1 @ 20p(50¢).

*Calcium Light Nights (Paine, 1975-6) 2,3 @ 20p(50¢) the pair.

Zenith/Speculation (Weston, 1964-72) 3,4,6,17,19,30 @ 50p($1.20) each.

*Blazon (Bentcliffe, 1974) 1 @ 50p($1.20).

Les Spinge (Cheslin/Hale/Pardoe, 1960-7) 4,5,6,8,9,10,17,19 @ 25p(50¢) each.

*Les Spinge (Pardoe, 1970-74) 22-26 and 27-32 (bound in 2 blocks) @ 50p($1.25) each volume.

*Lurk (Mearas, 1972-5) 2,3,4 @ 15p(25¢) each; 6&7 (bound together) @ 25p(50¢).

*Inferno (Skelton, 1975-6) 5-9 (bound together) @ 60p($1.50).

*Not True Rat Ten (Kettle, 1978) @ 15p(25¢)

Femizine (Lindsay, 1959-60) 11,13 @ 20p(50¢) each.

Good grief. More next time. Remember * = sale for TAFF; otherwise I'd prefer to exchange the above for similar material.


The Column Where The Truth Lies... Leroy "A" Kettle

Astonishing Things!!!

Ace primal entity, D."Swine-thing" West, demonstrated his unique powers recently in failing to win the bid for the 1980 Eastercon against all odds. Opposed only by self-confessed charismatic thug Scotch Bob "Botch" Shaw and his gang of mongish primal non-entities, the rather repellent Mr West spent the bidding session being copiously sick at both ends leaving his ace accomplice Dave """ Bridges to cast the powerful spells which succeeded in giving victory to the oafish Glaswegians. Mr West's power was so great that he succeeded in forcing his wife to vote against him. On being asked not to comment Mr West said "Uuuurrgh, bluhhh, blecchhhh," at some distance from your reporter. Mr West is currently trying to replace the bits of his body which he lost during the aftermath of his revolting excesses. Before being asked to comment Mr Shaw said "I –" (Very unfortunately at this point all eighteen ace Open Flie pencils broke simultaneously).

Appalling Events!!!

Misunderstood inebriate John "Wino" Brosnan today scotched rumours of rum conduct at a recent gathering of otherwise celebrated and interesting personalities. Open Flie completely believes his grovelling denials that he drunkenly berated fellow wit Kingsley Amis and gave him slurred pointers to literary shucshesh. Mr Brosnan's pathetic refutal of several eyewitness reports that he collapsed on Mr Amis's feet were also accepted by your reporter. It could not possibly be true that the perceptive Mr Amis, after lightly booting Mr Brosnan in the stomach to no avail, said "There seems to be something wrong with this man." prior to Mr Brosnan's current employer spilling coffee over Mr Amis's wife. Open Flie has complete faith in the integrity of the intoxicated film buff and no amount of photographic evidence sent to the editorial address in return for handsome remuneration will change this.

Incredible Occurrences!!!

Ace Foundation and empire builder Malcolm "Wibble" Edwards has joined brains with the only science fiction author to be made entirely of erectile tissue, the newly enlightened Robert "Gristle" Holdstock, in winning a contract to write eighty two (95) books for Bandwaggon Press. One hundred and four of these books contain invaluable, originally researched synopses of every sf book ever written arranged in order of the number of aliens. The remaining eight books contain invaluable, originally researched synopses of the other two hundred and seven volumes. Pictures are specially commissioned potato cuts by Robert's cat. Ace editor Malcolm Edwards on being asked to comment said "No comment – so at £2 a word plus V.A.T. and V.I.P. levy you owe me..." Handsomely rugged collaborator Robert Holdstock said "Ripoff? Who mentioned ripoff? Oh, no-one did. Oh."

Stop Press: turn over!!!

Unbelievable Occurrences!!!

Over-articulate quasi-intellectual Dave "Andhazel" Langford today began a strict course of Hugo acceptance training. Following an intensive study in how to lip-read the many ways of mispronouncing "The winner is...Twll Ddu", Mr Langford will then undertake a short course in nervous lip-biting followed by lengthy training in how to bite back rude remarks after lip-reading "The winner is...Maya". Hazel "Mrs" Langford – the ever-lovely Mrs Hazel Langford – is knitting a special harness to enable her to pull Dave back to his seat if he happens to mis-hear the final result or if he feels the urge to attack the ever-plump and overly-optimistic childish psychiatrist Dr Robert "Shagger" Jackson. Mr Langford is currently working on a short acceptance joke which will later form the basis of the next fifteen issues of Twll-Ddu. "Shagger" Jackson, in the event that Maya wins or loses, will read all his letters of comment - omitting only short extracts. Meanwhile Dr Jackson and his lovely wife Dr Mrs Dr Jackson are building an extension to their mansion to house the expected new arrival, which they will call Hugo.

...Leroy Kettle...

WEIRD TALES: Amongst visitors to the Brighton Seacon are: Bob Tucker (arr. Heathrow, BA Flight 299 from Chicago, 10am Aug 16th) who'll be staying in London, possibly at the Tavistock Hotel if, says Bob, they've got his reservation, which he doubts; Susan Wood, who's nipped down to Dawlish for a quick visit and was last seen heading for the Outer Hebrides (honest); Frank Denton who was due in Britain on July 26th; Bruce Pelz who's arriving August 18th & will be "grummaging about" till Sep 22nd; John Foyster, arriving on the 20th, going to the German con on the 31st, returning on the 15th Sep and back home on the 27th; Bill Rotsler, staying in London for a week after Seacon and then heading south for France and Italy; Suzle Tompkins, arr. Gatwick on Aug 15th and staying in London; and Gil Gaier, who congratulates me on my "recent marriage" (there must be some strange rumours going around) and says he'll be in the Colonnade Hotel in London from Aug 9th to Seacon. Think that's it – I have a few more cards and letters, but without details. Don't blame me if everyone changes their minds at the last moment.

Variable, semi-parasitic perennial,
– occasional, South Devon, waste places,



(see also: Bristly Checkpoint, Prostrate
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Peter Roberts
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Dawlish, Devon

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