Checkpoint 73


Edited and produced by Ian Maule, 8 Hillcroft Crescent, Ealing, London W5 2SG, United Kingdom. This issue rides with the special 72nd edition produced by Peter Roberts. Checkpoint is available for letter, trade or 5/40p – 10/70p. News this issue from Jim Linwood, Terry Hughes, Lisa Conesa and Pat & Mike Meara.

US Fan Murdered

Well known New York fan, Barry Smotroff was murdered in his apartment on July 29. The assailant is unknown and the motive for the stabbing is believed to be robbery. Barry published Placebo with Moshe Feder several years ago and had been active in New York City Fandom.

Tale of Woe

Lisa Conesa asks me to inform all those people who think they should have received the last issue of Zimri that owing to a combination of factors at Mancon a number of copies were handed out to the wrong people, and no records kept. If you're one of those who haven't received a copy, drop a line to Lisa.

D&D Meet

Another meeting of British Dungeons & Dragons fans is planned for Friday 24th - Sunday 26th 1976 at the abode of Pat & Mike Meara, 61 Borrowash Rd., Spondon, Derby, DE2 7QH. Hot and cold snacks and at least one hot meal will be provided although booze will not be supplied. A sleeping bag would also be useful. Anyone interested should contact Pat & Mike at the above address.

Second World Faancon

Further to what I mentioned in Checkpoint 71, this convention will be held in Derby from Friday 4th February - Sunday 6th February 1977. Organisers Pat & Mike Meara (they certainly get around) have booked the Clarendon Hotel in the center of the City and only 50 yards from the main railway station. Registration is £1.25, £1 will be refunded on arrival at the hotel.

First Greek Convention

This new event on the fannish calendar proved to be something of a disappointment with only five British fans attending. Guest of Honour Christopher Priest flew home to London soon after arriving. "My lithe bronzed body just drove those Greek girls wild," he told our reporter, "I couldn't take it." Big hit of the convention were the Bouzouki Brothers, Malcolm & Graham, who are booked to appear at next years Eastercon. All this is true....


The continuing saga of the NOVA AWARD. After Dave Rowe's reply to the original accusation that he was 'campaigning' for the inclusion of judges fanzines Jim Linwood (Spy 'X' to you) wrote detailing the facts as he knows them. His letter is reprinted below.

Dear Ian;


It is regrettable that a passing remark of mine regarding Dave Rowe's suggestion that NOVA judges' fanzines should also be eligible for the award was printed in Checkpoint as idle gossip; if you had waited for me to sober up I would have given you the full facts.

After the BoakCon Dave phoned me up to ask if I would join him, Gray Boak, Ian Williams and one other on this years NOVA award panel. He also said that he was considering several rule changes, two of which were taking a years run into consideration and making judges' zines eligible – I went along with the former, but not the latter if the judge(s) in question were not prepared to withdraw. Dave gave me the impression at the time that this was not what he had in mind. After reading Dave's rather impetuous comments on the award in K, together with this ridiculous suggestion, I decided to withdraw from the panel.

In a letter to Dave in May I wrote the following; "My main reason for not serving as a judge this year stems from your suggestion that judges' zines be also eligible; such a condition would be a travesty, and shows far more devious motives than last years panel are accused of." Therefore, Dave could have put right any misunderstanding that may have arisen between us on this subject – but he failed to do so.

I know of no 'campaign' being carried out by Dave; he merely made an incredibly naive suggestion, the implications of which he failed to see in view of his misinterpretation of the badly executed good intentions of last years panel.

All this is true ............ best regards

Jim Linwood