Checkpoint 50

Published by Darroll Pardoe, 24 Othello Close, Hartford, Huntingdon PE18 73U, England. Subscriptions are now 10/60p (postage rates having increased yet again); free sample on request. This issue dated June 28th 1974.

ISAAC ASIMOV spoke at the Commonwealth Hall, London, on June 14th. The meeting was organised by British MENSA and the SF Foundation, and attendees included Chris Priest, Ken Bulmer, Philip Strick and Peter Nicholls. Asimov was introduced in a witty fashion by Arthur C. Clarke. He spoke for about 50 minutes and then answered questions for a further 25 minutes. The main topic of his talk was the importance of science fiction for society. He said that SF is important simply because it is about the future, and because it speculated about and accepted change. This was particularly valuable in a world in which the rate of change is accelerating all the time, and in which the strains of adapting to this change are increasingly apparent. Questions after the talk included the possibility of FTL drives, responsibility in science, and whether or not astronauts may have visited the earth in the past. After this the formal meeting broke up, although Dr. Asimov remained in the hall talking to people and signing copies of his books.

(Chris Fowler)

LEIGH EDMONDS FOR THE DISCON Leigh Edmonds is the winner of the 1974 DUFF campaign. John Bangsund withdrew his candidacy before the close of balloting, and the final voting count was as follows:

1st count final count
Sue Clarke 41 -
Leigh Edmonds 103 128
Paul Stevens 87 102

Most ballots were from Australia (113) and the US (108), of course, but the total number of ballots from Britain was three, no less. There will be a 1975 DUFF campaign, to send a North American fan to the Aussiecon. Nominations close in November 1974.

READING SF CLUB Keith Freeman sends some further information on this new venture. The meeting topics planned are as follows: July 1st, SF in the cinema/TV; August 1st, Style and Story; September 1st, Appreciation of favourite author (two club members will say why they like Poul Anderson and Jack Vance). Meetings are at Reading University, and I expect Keith Freeman can supply any information you may want (128 Fairford Rd., Tilehurst, Reading RG3 6QP).

WORLDCON NEWS Current bids for 1977 include Miami (who had an ad in the Torcon programme book), Philadelphia (no hotel set as yet), New York (likewise), Don Lundry's 'Seven for 77' bid (either Boston, Atlanta or Orlando, Florida) and Montreal. The last-named is a mixed New York/Montreal committee who have lined up the Queen Elizabeth hotel, and plan a bilingual convention with a Quebecois flavour, including both English and French language GoH's. Rumours further in the future include a Grenoble bid for 1980.

(Andy Porter).

ARKHAM NEWS There seems to be a lot of confusion at present over who actually owns the copyright in H.P. Lovecraft's books. Contenders include Derleth's children, Don Wandrei and the heirs of HPL himself. The whole thing looks a mess, but I dare say it'll all be sorted out eventually...

"SCIENCE FICTION: FANTASY AND FACT" was held on May 17/18 at Keane College in Union, New Jersey. Attendance was sparse in spite of free admission. Attendees included Asimov, del Rey, Sheckley, Brunner, Pohl, Clareson, Ellison (in great form, according to one correspondent) and Piserchia. Stanisław Lem was expected but didn't show up, having been lost on Polish Airlines somewhere in mid-Atlantic, apparently. Frank Herbert was absent too, since his wife is unhappily seriously ill with cancer.

(Andy Porter, Tom Collins)

STAR TREK NEWS A revival of the show in a new series is rumoured. The first episode would be a TV movie in which Kirk is promoted and a new captain takes over the 'Enterprise'; further shows would be the normal length with all the old crew except Kirk.

(Don Blyly/'Rune')

There is apparently going to be a British ST convention in Leicester over September 28/29. Try writing to 16 Stafford Drive, Wigston, Leicester.

LATEST NEOFANS DEPT Lynda and Chuck Partington are now the proud parents of a baby girl, Angela Partington, born on June 4th. Congratulations, Lynda and Chuck. It is reported that it cost Chuck a small fortune at the next MAD meeting in the 'Crown and Anchor'.

(Pete Presford)

AUSSIECON Sue Clarke (2/159 Herring Road, North Ryde, NSW 2113) writes "anyone thinking of coming to Australia for Aussiecon, who would like to see some of the Sydney area and the fen therein, could contact me. Also, I'm chairman of the Syncon 3 committee, late Jan. 1975, to be held at MacQuarie University near Sydney. Do you think that anyone would be here as early as that to come to Syncon as well?"

OVERSEAS SUBBERS Please note that the Browns are no longer US agents. I haven't heard from the other agents for a while, either. I suggest that for the present overseas CHECKPOINT subs be sent direct to me at the rate of 3/$1.00 (US) or 8/$1.00 (Aus). A convenient way to sub might be by International Reply Coupon, which I will accept at the rate of one per issue.


ANDURIL 4 (John Martin, 101 Eskdale, Tanhouse 5, Skelmersdale, Lancs. WN8 6EB, UK) (40pp pr 10x7) (30p or $1) Lovely artwork and reproduction, it's a pity it comes out so infrequently.

WSFA JOURNAL 83 (Don Miller) (British agent is Eric Bentcliffe, 17 Riverside Crescent, Holmes Chapel, Ches. CW4 7NR, UK) (4/£2 or as part of a STWJ sub) (144pp dp USQ). A large fmz packed with goodies: any fan should find something of interest here.

TANDSTIKKERZEITUNG 5 (Don Markstein, P0 Box 53112, New Orleans, LA 70153. USA) (10pp dp USQ) (usual) Relaxed personalzine, touching on a variety of subjects including etymology.

OUTWORLDS 19 (Bill & Joan Bowers, P0 Box 148, Wadsworth, OH 44281, USA) (44pp pr USQ) ($4.00/4) Good artwork, and a lot of interesting stuff on the SFWA/Ultimate row.

ARK 2 (Sue & Ron Clarke, 2/159 Herring Rd, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia) (42pp dp 4to) (usual or 75¢A) Vol Molesworth has a good bit on Australian fan history, vintage 1941. There's not enough timebinding in fandom these days.

RETICULUM 1 (John Carl, 3750 Green Lane, Butte, MT 59701, USA) 24pp ditto USQ) (usual, or 'being a neat person'). Some realistic comment by John on the subject of gafia. Also some thoughts by Mike Glicksohn on Hugo-winning.

GEGENSCHEIN 13,15 (Eric Lindsay, 6 Hillcrest Avenue, Faulconbridge, NSW 2776, Australia) (13 is 18p 4to; 15 is 16pp 6 1/2 x4) (usual or 35¢A). Mostly reviews and letters, but there's a piece on the cost of fmz production in Australia; offset print costs there seem to be about the same as in the UK.

FANEW SLETTER 8,9 (Leigh Edmonds, P0 Box 74, Balaclava, Victoria 3183, Australia) (2pp dp fcp) (7¢A) The most regular source of Australian fan news, and worth subbing to.

SON OF THE WSFA JOURNAL 137 (Don Miller: UK agent is Eric Bentcliffe, address above) (£1.00/12) (10pp dp USQ) Mostly reviews this time.

RATAPLAN 15 (Leigh Edmonds, address above) (20pp dp 4to) (usual or 4/$A.1.60) Discussion of DITMARs and other fan awards, and a good letter column.

LOCUS 160 (The Browns, P0 Box 3938, San Francisco, CA 91+119, USA) (8pp pr USQ) (British Agent is Peter Weston, 72 Beeches Drive, Erdington, Birmingham 24, at 18/$4.20). The SF newszine.

RUNE 37 (Minnesota SFS, 2301 Elliot Av. S no. 2, Minneapolis MN 55404, USA) (16pp dp USQ) (usual) Better than the normal run of clubzines, and occasionally has news items of unusual interest.

INSTANT MESSAGE 150 (NESFA, Box G, MIT Branch Station, Cambridge, Mass. 02139, USA) (12pp dp USQ) ($5.00/yr) Another clubzine, this one more closely concerned with the club proceedings. Interesting though.

IT COMES IN THE MAIL 9 (Ned Brooks 713 Paul Street, Newport News, VA 23605, USA) (18pp dp USQ) (usual) Ned's fascinating diary-style personalzine continues its merry (and useful) way.

SOITGOZE 4,5,6,7 (Tim Marion, 614 72nd Street, Newport News, VA 23605, USA) (ditto, USQ) (trades or 6/$1.00) A personalzine, pleasantly rambling.

BIG SCAB 1 (John Brosnan, Flat 1, 62 Elsham Road, London W14) (12pp dp 4to) (usual) Ultrapersonalzine from the self-styled Lisa Conesa of Ratfandom. Good enough, but I'd like it to have been about twice as long.

TUCKER BAG 2 (Jackie Franke, Box 51-A RR2, Beecher, IL 60401, USA) (The Tucker Fund newsletter). Trufans all should support the **Tucker Fund**, a worthy cause.


Chuck Partington and Dave Britton have moved their shop to Whittle Street, Manchester (off Tibb Street) and the name is now 'Orbit Books'.

Andy Porter writes that at least 50 copies of ALGOL 20 never reached their intended UK destinations. Any subscribers who never got their copy should write to him to have their subs adjusted (since the issue is now out of print).

Dave Kyle underwent an appendicitis operation on June 3rd; the surgeon and anesthetist both turned out to be SF readers, and Dave reckons his eight-inch scar will be something to boast about...

Gray Boak sent his CoA, which is Flat 2, Cecil Court, Cecil Street, Lytham, Lytham St Annes, Lancs. (a fannish wasteland if ever there was one).

The 'Middle Earth Society' mentioned a couple of issues ago is now the 'Sword & Sorcery Society' and Hartley Patterson comments 'As usual with wargamers, a lot more enthusiastic than fantasy fans!'

SEACON (The 1975 British Easter convention, to be held at Coventry, the well-known South-East seaside resort) reports 174 members as of June 23rd. The first progress report should be out any day now. Coincidentally, at the same date memberships in the UK 1979 worldcon bid were also 174 in number.

A reminder of Peter Roberts' LITTLE GEM GUIDE TO SF FANZINES, still available at 10p or 2 Reply Coupons from Peter at 6 Westbourne Park Villas, London W.2. An excellent publication, especially for those new to sf fandom who want to know what it's all about.

The address to send SEACON memberships to is the Chairman, Malcolm Edwards: 19 Ranmoor Gardens, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 1UQ. Cost is 50p. Malcolm is also taking memberships in the 1979 worldcon bid at 40p each.