Checkpoint 00

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Edited & Produced by Peter Roberts,
87 West Town Lane, Bristol, BS4 5DZ

Restormel Press Publication: 34.

6.4.71 : trial issue 00.

NEWSZINES' VALUE: Since the departure of Skyrack British fandom has been without a regular newszine beyond the BSFA Bulletin, and the imported Locus and Focal Point don't really fill the gap. The value of a fannish magazine of news and waffle lies in its stimulus to fanac and fan contact, and the need for a specifically British newszine can be found in the decline of groups in fandom, the increased sercon influx through the BSFA, and the unevenness of fan publishing in the U.K. By supplying news, chatter, comment and discussion, a newszine can prove extremely helpful.

NEWSZINE'S SALUT: Ah, now this is where we come down from the fantasies inspired by old copies of Fanac – and tell you all the worst: you see, I've been thinking that I might revive Checkpoint as a new fannish newszine with fanzine reviews (which previously accounted for the whole magazine) relegated to a secondary role. The initial idea is that of a small four page thing which would appear either fortnightly or monthly, depending on interest, volume of news, and mundane factors. The likelihood of there not being sufficient news from the U.K. at present to fill even four pages means that Checkpoint would be padded out with fanzine reviews and such.

For Checkpoint to work there must be a regular inflow of news; naturally its success will depend on me, the editor, but the readers' reactions, support, and individual information must be the basis for the whole, otherwise the result will be a non-newszine (an interesting nihilistic anti-project, I suppose; but monthly?).

At the moment I intend issuing one more trial Checkpoint (after the Con) to see whether there is any kind of support for the idea. If there is, then I'll make a start on a proper run of the newszine.

So please write if you are interested in the idea and please comment, suggest, and babble on to your heart's content – above all Checkpoint needs news, con news, proposed fanzines, hoaxes revealed, fans on tv or in the news, fannish campaigns, groups coming or going, births, deaths, marriages, moves, visiting foreign fans, apas, slanshacks, and even sf. Ok?

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FINANCE & THINGS: If Checkpoint gets off the ground it'll be available for letters and news, trade (but only with other newszines – Egg will remain the normal tradezine), and money. I'd like to keep the price as low as possible whilst still covering costs, so I suggest five issues for 4/20p (2nd class) in the U.K. Owing to the weird airmail printed matter rates I can offer foreign airmail subscriptions at 4/20p as well (8/$1) – please send dollar bills or IMOs in the U.S., not cheques (there's 60 cents conversion fee on a $1 cheque). In Australia, please send money to David Grigg.

Ideally, I'd prefer everyone interested to subscribe with extra issues added on for news supplied and so on. Incidentally, this Checkpoint is being distributed with Egg 4 as well as at Worcester, and the next trial issue will also go to all Egg readers plus anyone who has expressed interest in this Cp.

Conventions in Britain: Next gathering after Worcester appears to be the SPECULATION II conference at the Birmingham & Midland Institute on June 12th. 25/- for the whole thing; but beware of the sercon. Contact Peter Weston, 31 Pinewall Ave, Birmingham 30 for further information. After that, It's NOVACON I at the Imperial Hotel, Birmingham on November 13th & 14th. The GoH is James White and registration is 50p from Vernon Brown, c/o Room 623, Pharmacy Dept, University of Aston, Birmingham. Finally, next year's EASTERCON 23 will be in the 180 room Imperial Hotel, Blackpool, and is being organized by the Manchester Group.

Apas in Britain: The times are not entirely right for apas everywhere, but OMPA, the Offtrail Magazine Publishers Association, is producing a combozine for publicity purposes, specifically for EASTERCON 22. 350 copies are being produced and will be collated at the convention, probably on Friday night. The 60th mailing contained 185 pages from 11 members. The 61st is due soon. Contact Ken Cheslin, 36 Chapel St, Wordsley, Stourbridge, Worcs. for details. A new APA is planned by John Hall, 2 Knights Croft, New Ash Green, Dartford, Kent. God only knows what this will be like, but anyone interested can send a SAE to John for further information.

Fanzine Collectors: Since there seems to be no opportunity for exchanging, selling, or buying fanzines in any other regular column, it seemed like a relatively sane idea to start one in Checkpoint. Ads will be free to all subscribers up to five lines – write and ask about anything larger.

For Sale (from the editor): Operation Fantast (ed. Ken Slater) 15, 16, 17, 18. rust stains on 15-17 from the staples, otherwise ok. 1953-55. 6p each, plus postage: Also En Garde (ed. Richard Schultz) 4, 5, 6. An American Avengers fanzine – very thick & with photos – 10p ea. Supplementary issue 5 1/2 free with others. Plus postage, please.

Fanzine Reviews: Next issue, there'll be one or two full length reviews, plus a brief listing of all fanzines received. This will continue to be the pattern in future Checkpoints. Only those fanzines reviewed fully will receive their particular issue of Checkpoint free.

- Peter Roberts -